Monday, May 31, 2010 a fat kid loves cake

If there is one thing that I find to be the most important about me in regards to losing weight, it's that I love cake. I love cake so much that like 8 years ago or whenever 50 Cent came out with 21 Questions and said "I love you like a fat kid loves cake" I turned to my husband (then-boyfriend) and I said, "I love CAKE like a fat kid loves cake."

I have a friend who is doing a detox this month. It includes among other things a juice fast that she's almost done with and eating vegan food. I feel like this kind of grand gesture is what I need to get back to my weight loss, and having discovered 2 days ago the world of support, humor and inspiration that weight loss blogging seems to be I thought, I would absolutely love my journey to be a part of that!!

Having no idea about who is even going to read this blog I have a small list of random things I find to be relevant on my weight loss journey:
1. My weight loss inspiration comes from two places - the first place is my own health and knowing all of the diseases in my family that are more likely and made worse by being fat, and the second is my desire to have kids, have a healthy pregnancy - and a CUTE pregnancy
2. I love cake, we covered that but notice how I mention it again, it is THAT important.
3. I work for a health related company (not sure how specific I get until I read whether or not I can post who it is) who is sincerely and wonderfully committed to helping people reach their fitness goals, especially employees. I started there last summer, lost about 30 pounds, and then kinda stopped caring.
4. I have unnecessarily high self esteem. I have my moments where I hate how I look but I still think I dress cuter than almost everyone I know and I don't think life gets much better than my life right now - and while all this is great it really hinders my weight loss because I can look in the mirror and STILL want to eat cake.
5. I overshare. I think that's ok for a blog. Whether you're a friend reading this or someone I don't know in real life, I have realized I'm ok with posting details. Maybe it will even help someone! Who knows but I think it's a big step for me to overshare about weight loss and how much I do weigh.
6. I have OCD. OCD means a lot but for me it means that I will do things a certain way over and over, sometimes I have weird paranoia, I have to weigh myself every day even though you're not supposed general though it just means I'm a little off ;)

Oh and I am really not the type to do this - honest! - but I actually am not starting this journey until tomorrow. Because I like clean starts (e.g., first of the month) and I already have agreed to make strawberry cupcakes and sangria for a bbq today and let's face it, I don't think I can handle having my first journaled day include quite so many calories!!

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