Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hungry Hungry Kyoko

It's another hungry day.  My healthy food isn't cutting it today.  Maybe my metabolism is up or something because I am all off.

I didn't work out as much as I wanted to last night.  About 30 minutes in I got a really bad muscle cramp in my leg.  I stopped for a minute and massaged it out, stretched and went back to it.  It was ok for a bit but 5 minutes later it was back so I quit for the night.  Kind of sucked, but I hope tonight when I go back to it, that I'm ok again.

It amazed me how bad it felt to not get my full workout in.  I've been going between 45 minutes and 2 hours at night on my exercise bike.  The 2 hour workouts are really just me sort of lightly pedaling along, and the shorter workouts are a little more of a hardcore speed race.  I got into bed really disappointed and fell asleep earlier than I meant to.

And then today I've been SO hungry! Like stomach-growling hungry even though I've been eating! I think it's knowing all of this delicious food is waiting back in my house.  I went a little crazy last night at Grocery Outlet with the fresh fruits and vegetables.  I had like four bags just filled from the produce section, and then milk and frozen blueberries, and it just felt good to leave with only those things.  So what do I do this morning? Bring a grapefruit to eat?  A couple kiwi? Nahhh I forgot it at home -_-

Of course.

It's maybe a little silly, because we do get free fruit at work (and I have noticed free vegetables recently as well!), but short of stealing a bunch to take home with me, I find that it's easiest to get my own and start my day with some fruit or something fresh to go with those meal replacement shakes.

Hope you are all having happy healthy days :)


Anonymous said...

OMg FREE fruit at work?? Jealous!! :)

Do you replenish with electrolyes when you work out? 2 hours seems like a lot of activity! I used to work out 2 hours over the summer and get really bad leg cramps at night. I now supplement with magnesium and watch my sodium intake. Works wonders.

Tiana MacLeod said...

I posted in your other post on fruits and veggies so you can read that but you really should eat a variety and make sure you get enough food in.. I know it's hard but if you don't eat protein along with your carbs(fruit and veggies) as well as healthy fats you aren't getting enough nutrients and you won't function properly.. the muscle cramps are likely from not enough potassium/magnesium. I take a calcium/magnesium supplement everyday and I add in some potassium in days where I'm getting muscle cramps. Try not to overdo the exercise either.. when you overdo exercise your body gets in a stressed state and you really are working for nothing. 30-45 min of HIIT exercise is best, weights are your friends.. make sure to get some weight lifting in. Even just a little, build some muscle and burn more that way then killing yourself with cardio.

Ann said...

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