Friday, February 1, 2013

Clothes Help

I have a serious question for all of you that have lost weight or are in the process of losing weight: what...the heck do you do about clothes?

I'm really cheap. I buy a lot of clothes on clearance and from places like Old Navy. So yesterday I'm looking at all the Old Navy clearance section online and thinking, I'd really like some of these long skirts/dresses for my trip...but wait, don't I want to be 20 pounds lighter?  How am I supposed to buy clothes for 20 pounds from now...especially when you don't really want to be counting your chickens before...that 20 pounds is actually gone.

My OCD gets in overdrive about things like this.  I'm sure any other plus size girls can understand, it's one thing to run to a mall and get any long black maxi skirt from any store if you're a size 6 but if you're rocking a size 20 butt there is no guarantee that you'll be able to find ANY skirt in ANY store.  What if I get up to a few weeks before my trip and everything everywhere is tank tops and short skirts that will turn me into a popsicle??

I figure my options are to buy things a little tight and hope that they still work, or to just deal with loose fitting clothing.  But I don't know what's best.  I don't really like loose fitting clothing.  My favorite pair of jeans are about 3-4 inches loose in the thigh area and as wonderfully comfy as they are I know I look kind of slobby and I get self conscious.

Anyway the point was to turn it to you and ask for ideas and advice and how you all deal with it.  Help!


Chubby McGee said...

Thrift stores! Thrift stores!

Felicia said...

Definitely don't wear clothes too big because they will make you look larger than you are. Also if you buy clothes too small I have found that to be discouraging when they don't fit as quickly as you want. I don't buy a lot right now (in the process of losing 20lbs, night shift had me out of wack and stressed) but when I do I buy clothes that could fit even if I go down a size or 2. For instance a shirt that is lose in the stomach, more fitting on top.

Astrid said...

I would suggest things with elastic. Cute tops paired with an elastic waistband skirt (to hide the waistband) look pretty good and the elastic will fit a variety of sizes. I can't help much further than that; I wear an alt. style and I haven't been shopping for normal clothes in almost 30lbs. My normal clothes all look loose and sad on me now, so I can understand why you wouldn't want to wear anything loose, especially on a trip.

Joanna said...

My favorite things to wear right now are the dresses with the tie band waist. As I'm adjusting sizes - either bigger or smaller - I can adjust the tie. They are loose fitting, but the tie waist allows me to tighten them or loosen them...and they look awesome with a pair of leggings and boots!!

I haven't bought any clothes in a long time... I have bags of clothes that I used to wear when I was smaller, and hoping to get back in to them. I depend a lot on elasticated skirts and dresses... just because they are easier to wear when I'm fluctuating sizes.

A said...

For me, I had lots of clothes that were too small stored away for "someday". I found that by the time I fit into them I didn't always want to wear them...but I did. I found pants at Goodwill. I would buy them when they didn't quite fit and then if they didn't fit right later, I wasn't all that bummed about $4. I also found that I just had a much much smaller wardrobe than in the past. I mean I used to have 7 pairs of black pants. 7! Now I have one. I wear them maybe 3 times a week. It may mean more laundry...but that is still cheaper than new clothes.

So I found that 1 pair of black pants, one pair khaki, one blue or brown and one pair of jeans. I also tried to do solid color shirts and vests and just mix and match. I also did scarves since I could wear them forever.

I have released 90lbs...and I will stay that clothes are stressful. I thought it would be easier when smaller...but I don't really find that to be the case.

I also found that I could do a shirt too big if the pants fit. So shirts lasted a lot longer.

I was not a Goodwill shopper before. I would try...but get overwhelmed. What worked for me was to decide the size range I was looking for and then just look at labels. If the label was a good brand then I bought it. I didn't try things on. I have found that I had to hem many of them...but again, that is a small thing.

I also agree with the comment about elastic. That helped solved lots of problems.

Ok. I have typed a ton. Hopefully something is helpful. ;-)

Beth said...

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