Monday, October 25, 2010

Surprising Weigh In...

Um, hi. I feel like I start out every blog embarrassed that I haven’t blogged. I’m going to try something new…I’ll tell you now to not expect to hear from me, how’s that? Then you won’t be surprised when I haven’t posted in a week!

Here is how I’ve done the past week:
Burned an average of 2350 calories per day
Consumed an average of 1592 calories per day
Average of 758 calories per day

Do you remember when any deficit below a thousand was pretty much a failure? I do too. But barely. I have to have to have to start working out again. I know I can do it, I know I can go on a walk today at lunch even if it’s cold or rainy. Even if nobody else is, even if I want to eat something delicious for lunch instead of my salad (not that I don’t love salad, just that I’m using the last of a salad kit that just wasn’t so great).

So as long as we’re talking, let me tell you about my weigh in this morning.

Last time I weighed in: Who remembers, but I think it was around 187 and a couple of weeks ago.
This morning: 184.4 pounds

That number struck me as surprising. Yesterday’s meals involved diner breakfast (the coffee cake had butter melted on to it) to Chinese dinner (which ended in birthday cake that has crushed hard candy pressed into the frosting).  Between the salt, butter and oil I was pretty convinced I’d gained about 20 pounds. But this amazing and unexpectedly awesome weigh in is a SIGN. A sign that all is not lost, that maybe it’s not realistic to expect me to reach my 179 goal by November 1 but I can still do my best to get as close as possible! My measurements are looking good too, although I’ve spent the past few days feeling extremely uncomfortable about my shape. I don’t like the shape of less-obese me. I’m hoping that soon enough I will get to find out what non-obese me looks like, and maybe SHE will be able to buy pants at a non-plus size store.  Seriously people, I am like a size 22 on bottom and 12 on top.  How is that even possible??

Anyway, overall I’m very excited this morning. I’m drinking a lot of water, which I haven’t done in weeks, I’m skipping out on the coffee – even though coffee isn’t bad, my idea of coffee is practically equal parts coffee cream and sugar, which I don’t need. I am enjoying a delicious grapefruit breakfast, and I’m feeling good.

I hope you are feeling good too my friends :) and having amazing days, all of you!!


Spaghetti Cat said...

You are doing great girl. I feel the same way, like oh man I need to blog! keep kicking but girl!

Ice Queen said...

Congratulations on your weight loss. :D

Okay, about when you blog? We all have our own schedules and times that work best for us. Do what you need to do when you need to do it.

And for heaven's sake, no apologies.

I'll see ya when I see ya. :D

Crystal said...

This is a great post. Having ups and downs is not failing... refusing to keep trying, that is failing. I haven't set foot in the gym in two months... but two days ago... and I went and did 35 minutes on the elliptical, and today, I did a 55 minute cardio kick boxing class!!! OMG!! Don't give up! We can do it!

To be fair... I had all you can eat shrimp last night... there are those ups and downs.

But I am crazy proud of me!

KellyNY said...

Yay - you're back! Congrats on the WI - what a great loss!

KIKI said...

Hi KC,
Found you through KellyisLosingWeight. What a pretty blog you have! It's adorable and yummy, just like cake. I've guesstimated I have 69lbs to lose (I'm comfortable losing less in favor of gaining muscle) but right now the dream is to see the 170s before the year is out. Anyway. I enjoyed your post. Maybe reading my post will boost you up a little more as well though really there is nothing like seeing the scale move.

MizFit said...


welcome home

errr back



Brigitte said...

You are doing awesome! This past week or so has been rough one for eating all the crap foods. Shake it off! You totally got this!

Anonymous said...

So good to see you back! Congrats on that loss! :)

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