Thursday, January 31, 2013

I meant "daily" in a loose sense

Did you like how I said I was going to blog daily and then didn't do one the next day?

I had a good excuse. I was busy, and I don't have a bike desk and I spent almost all evening biking.  Legs are killing me today and it feels nice.  Also nice is that I've been having a nice little party in my head here in the office today.  Good music and a good mood just really get me all happy and more importantly moving!

Today has overall been really good. I had a talk with a friend this morning about the nature of weight loss, and girls and boys, and not wanting to be in a bathing suit in front of your favorite rock star.  We discovered that both of us were trying out meal replacement shakes because we weren't making the best morning choices.  She was just starting out, meanwhile I've spent a little bit of time trying to figure out what works for me, taste wise, vitamin wise etc.  I've discovered that ones intended for weight loss are...generally not for me.  If anyone else can choke down a SlimFast more power to you but EW.  I've even tried doing my own smoothies but when I'm rushed in the morning, I've found that my go to has to be extra easy and can't involve washing the blender.

What else, I'm down another half pound, this means about two pounds toward my goal of 20.  I'm really trying to get in a healthy eating and exercise routine.  Shake for breakfast, salad/veggies for lunch, light-ish dinner.  And Special K bars as snacks, because those things are made of pure deliciousness.

None of that is very exciting.  But that's my day :) hope you are all having great days!


Mrs Swan said...

OMG I LOVE slime fast shakes! LOL But they have to much sugar in them for me right now. I have been using the Atkin's ones. The milk chocolate delight one is sinful to me. We have various protein powder from hubby's running but I just don't enjoy a blender one like I do a pre-made one.

Mrs Swan said...

omg SLIM LOL Although many would probably agree with the slime. I think they are kinda chalky. LMAO

Tammy said...

Way to go with the biking. It's better for you than blogging, so don't blame ya. Also, congrats on the loss. You're moving in the right direction. Enjoy the party in your head, woohoo!

Joanna said...

The Atkins shakes are the only diet shakes I've ever drank that I actually enjoy. I can't stand chocolate milk or any of the chocolate shakes - but the Atkins one is really creamy and tasty. My other favs are the strawberry creme and the mocha latte. So delicious!!

Astrid said...

I like the Walmart brand shakes. I use the term like kind of loosely. I literally can't have solid food in the morning, so shakes are the only way to go for me. The Slim Fast strawberry ones were ABYSMAL, though. ewwwww!!!

Awesome on that other half pound!

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