Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Goal Check In and Knee Woes

RAWR!!! That is my angry-yell. My knee hurts. It’s been hurting a little since Saturday, but got worse last night and is really bad this morning. One of the (many) things I want to work on is better dealing with pain. I’m a total baby when I’m sick or injured, and I am awful at dealing with the frustration of not being able to do what I want.

I have no idea what is wrong, it hurts to bend the knee mostly, although it is uncomfortable even to straighten it out. I’m great at home on the recliner, but at work it’s been challenging. I mentioned previously that I wanted to stand up at work and I have been, since Thursday.  However I’ve been sitting today, because I’m worried that's what caused the pain - I really, truly hope it isn’t. I have so enjoyed standing all day, I move more and I feel better and I want to continue.
My plan is to take today and tomorrow morning to sit at work instead of stand, take some ibuprofen and hope it gets better. I hate doctors, especially after a time last fall when I felt like I was at Kaiser at least twice a week – but if it’s not better by lunch tomorrow I know I’ll have to go in to see what’s wrong.

I know from reading blogs that we all get injured or have existing physical problems. I wish none of us did. It’s tough to have your body in the way while you’re actually trying to do something that will help it.

That being said, I guess it’s time to take my lunch break and do a mid month goal check-in since I can’t walk!
1. Be a better friend – I’m not even working on it. I just have not had the real effort to spend on it. I think there is just too much me stuff going on for me to actually be a good friend to anyone else.

2. Have or at least schedule my reward spa day for getting under 200 pounds! – Nope, not done!

3. Have at least 6 work appropriate outfits that fit me NOW – I have maybe 2. I’d like to up it to 8. Ideally 10 just so I can go 2 weeks without repeating my clothes. But for now I’d be happy with not being an hour late because things don’t fit. YES it’s a better problem than too small but still frustrating and I can barely find stuff I like enough to buy much less cheap transition weight type stuff!

4. Wear pants twice – Haven’t worn pants since that one day. I thought about it today but it’s tough with no shirts that fit! Yikes, these clothing goals are gonna get me!

5. Teach my puppy how to walk with me – I’ve only gone out with him once, and then my poor little guy was injured and we haven’t been since. We are actually watching the dogs of our close friends…so as of today there are 6 dogs in my house, 3 of whom have medical issues, one who is immobile and one who has a cone on. There is quite enough dog craziness.

6. Go walking with fabulous people – WHAT? I am about to completely scrap this mid month goal check in!! Do you see a pattern?! I haven’t done ANY of these things!!!! Rawr again!

Deep breath…deep breath…all right. This one I do have to put off and may have to give up completely. But keep your fingers crossed that this knee thing is really nothing and I’ll be walking again in no time.

7. Get my rings sized down – Actually I think they’re ready to be picked up today!! Yay, at least I can mark one goal done!

8. Track my food all month – all right, I’m ending on a good note. I’ve definitely done this every day, for better or worse.

Overall I'm super disappointed with this goal check in.  Seriously.  I am so sad that I haven't accomplished much so far.  The rest of the month is not going to be the easiest either, as I have a work conference and then a big department week long to-do.  It's kind of exhausting just thinking about it.
ALL RIGHT.  I need a plan.  I'm going to go home tonight, get my ground turkey cranberry onion type casserole on and ice my knee.  I'm going to pick out and try on my clothes for tomorrow (seriously, I left 40 minutes late because I had not one thing that was clean, not wrinkled, and fit me.  Not good!) and make sure I have enough healthy stuff to take food wise.  And then, I will go to bed early and wake up tomorrow REFRESHED and feeling great.  Right??


Ice Queen said...

I hope that your knee feels better, soon. I understand the frustration of having a rogue body part keeping you down.

Just keep working at them, you will have all of your goals done, soon. :D

Jess @ THIR said...

Firstly... don't be afraid of doctors. I used to be like that as well. Don't go to a GP, they are useless when it comes to things like this, go to a physio. They will definitely help you out...

And on the pain threshold thing... it's actually better to have a low pain threshold. At least you know when something is really wrong.
When I had pancreatitis last year, I almost killed myself before I knew something was wrong. I've been told that if I even get an "uncomfortable" level of pain to go to the emergency department... because last time I was almost dead before I did. So it's not always a good thing!!

Keep at it with your goals. Once you get on a roll they'll all happen at once, I promise you :)

Midori Mighty Warrior said...

I hope your knee feels better soon. It's the pits when our bodies get worn down, but when it does, it's only trying to tell us something so we have to take care and listen. Good luck on your goals!

Anonymous said...

Awww ... I'm sorry about your knee. :( I hope you feel better real soon! *Hugs*

Erin said...

You are so silly on some of these goals. Be a better friend? How? You're an amazing friend!! You made my birthday awesome!! Goal met, crazy lady. And, yes, the spa day needs to happen. I need a massage. Sorry my loony schedule is holding you up! So, you would have met that goal. So, stop being so hard on yourself! I'm super sorry about your knee. :(

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