Monday, September 13, 2010

Weigh In and Foodstuffs

I feel good today. Healthy. Despite my Saturday and Sunday where I was a bit off track (let’s just say when you’re not feeling your best you’re potentially not eating your best). Every minute though is another minute to start over, another minute to take a drink of water and another minute to not grab that piece of Trader Joe’s liquorice that is so delicious and only 26 calories but you DO. NOT. NEED. IT. Especially 10 pieces of it. And you just had frozen yogurt. So go work out or something.
Here is how I did yesterday:
Poorly. Let’s move past it. At least I tracked, right?

I do have a quick rant. Over the weekend I had various health problems…that cleared up just in time for me to go to work. Does that bug anyone else?? It’s like in school when you are sick over spring break! What a waste of time off. I spent most of yesterday sleeping, only getting up to eat a couple of times and whatnot. All in all I guess I’ve had worse Sundays but I mean, what a sad, sad waste!

Moving on, I received an email asking me if I would review a line of healthy foods and let you lovelies know what I think. I was and am so flattered. If you guys know me in real life you’d know that I sometimes lose track of myself in all of the good things that happen. I can’t believe that I am over 50 pounds down from my heaviest weight. I can’t believe how supportive you all are towards me. I can’t believe that life is going so easily. So in the same vein I couldn’t believe someone wanted to send ME samples for free that I could test out.

Now you all know me, I am TRYING to do this in as healthy a way as possible (well, healthy plus delicious pork ribs). I don’t want to mess up my body, don’t want flappy skin, none of that stuff. So I asked them for the nutritional information and checked it out and friends I am excited to report it all looks fabulous to me and for me. All that’s left is to get some and test them out. If you want to see what it is I’m trying you can look here: to check it out. We’ll see – I have high hopes that I’ll like it, but I am fairly picky!

And now the highlight of my week (what, I have OCD!) - my weigh in!!
Last week’s weight: 193.0
Today’s weight: 186.9
Pounds lost: 6.1

Ok just kidding. You and I both know I didn’t REALLY lose 6 pounds this week. Last weigh in day I was all full of salty gross foods and not enough water and all that junk. So let’s go back 2 weeks to 190.2, and say I’ve lost 3.3 pounds over 2 weeks. That sounds better, sounds more realistic, much nicer.

My goal for this week is to blog every day. Also to catch up on blogs. I am not joking when I say my Google Reader is at over 600 blog entries I haven’t read. Le sigh! As always I miss knowing what is going on with you guys! Oh and my other goal is that every day until I’m done I share the lovely lovely bloggers who have given me awards!! You guys are so sweet and I’m so awful for not even acknowledging them but I WILL!!!


MizFit said...

ahhhh yes.
When I had an office job I totally would get the weekend malaise and then POOF! be fin monday morning.

now? working from home? no one cares if Ive got the malaise :)

and I roll READERLESS for that very reason.

why do I think it would stress me out?!


Anonymous said...

WOW! Way to go on that loss! You rock! :)

Katie J said...

Take it and run! Good job Kyoko!

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