Thursday, September 30, 2010


I know I've been gone again.  A business trip snuck up on me, and as I went to Disneyland (for the first time since like 1993!) for two days beforehand I have been super busy.  Of course I didn't intend to spend ten days away from you all, I never do...and I'm paying for it now!

So as to not bore you, let me try to briefly explain what I've been doing the past few days...oh who am I kidding we all know brevity is not a strong point of mine!
Saturday: get up at 3am, leave for the airport at to Anaheim and drop off bags, then head to Disneyland to gimp around on my bum knee all day (I was pretty doped up on Extra Strength Tylenol and feeling ok) but have a great time!
Sunday: spend all day at California Adventure, sadly missing the Toy Story ride which was closed.  I mean open to close we were there, followed by a trip back into Disneyland for a couple last rides and souvenirs.
Monday: Work conference...which was an all new experience as to be completely honest I've always thought of those as career type things, and myself as a non-career type person.  It was cool though and I did learn quite a bit, but instead of resting afterwards I found myself having an early dinner and heading to Angels stadium to watch the A's game - Husbandcake has the uncanny ability to find himself in the same city as the A's even when we're not in the Bay Area and as he's a superfan he is quite happy about that.
Tuesday: Work conference in the morning, then a flight back home where we all went straight from the airport to our CEO's house for an executive meet and greet.  Yeah all that is still as exhausting as it sounds.
Wednesday: All day meeting.  Our department is spread out over a few different offices in different cities so every year there is a big caucus.  Last night was also the big dinner event but we'll get to that in a second.  But I think you get the idea that it has been a SUPER CRAZY few days.

Anyway, about Tuesday morning I started getting the sniffles and sneezes.  I reluctantly bought some Sudafed in the hotel gift shop as I wasn't keen on being extremely gross or snotty in my conference classes.  The last time I was on Sudafed was last...November I think, and there were disastrous results.  I mixed it with some medication I was on for some bad stomach aches without reading anything about drug interactions, ended up passing out and getting sick while out with friends, and spent a few horrible hours in the emergency room.  Oh and when I passed out I was on a barstool and wound up with an ankle injury and a super attractive huge boot thing.  Which as it was healing I dropped a small stack of shelves on myself (yeah I'm an idiot) and ended up having a gross purpley bruised foot bone.  Overall, it was about a month starting with me having super gross stomach aches all the time and ending with me on crutches for a couple of weeks - although I did decorate them with big pink bows...

I'm babbling.  Anyway the point was I was on Sudafed and was taking my iron pills and all that (I have quite the history with anemia...I'm realizing right now that I sound like a total sicky).  But still, last night at the dinner I was feeling really lightheaded.  We were at a hotel and I went up for a second into one of my coworkers' rooms to lie down and Husbandcake insisted on coming to get me...I'm sure he like me was not interested in a repeat of that last incident.  So I waited for him outside, and very sadly listened to my amazing enthusiastic department cheer each other on be their fabulous selves.  Unfortunately out of all the work related things I've done this week that dinner was the one thing I wouldn't have chosen to miss.  You all know that I am pretty shy and I am really just feeling like I'm finding my place and my stride at work, so to miss it was just super sad.

HOWEVER, Husbandcake informs me that when he picked me up I was stumbly and he thought I'd had about 8 drinks (not even close, I had about a sip of wine and then another sip of another not drunk).  So I'm really happy that I didn't stay and potentially embarrass myself sitting with the three biggest bosses in the group!  Silver lining!!

This morning my throat is sore and I'm feeling nauseous.  I'm taking the day to sleep, but wanted to take advantage of my forced down time to give you lovely lovely friends an update.

And after all that babble, I have not much to report on the weight loss front.  Both Saturday and Sunday I was at over 3000 calories burned!  Fabulous!  Today though it will be much lower I'm sure, as I'm not planning on moving much from the sofa.  I wasn't with my trusty scale on Monday so no official weigh in but let's just say I'm wanting to refocus.  Monday I'm going to weigh in and then go back on my four day fabulous organic mostly vegan diet to get back on track!  And speaking of diet, I'm off to go eat some chicken soup!  Sadly Husbandcake had to go in to his office today but this morning he left full boxes of lotion Kleenex everywhere for me.  It's the little things, I just adore him so so much!!  And....I adore you too.  Thanks for reading my wonderful friends, you are the best!


Brigitte said...

Feel better sweetie! I am glad that you are back!

Raegun said...

It seems illnesses of various sorts have pulled many of us away from our blogs lately. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

Tammy said...

Hope you feel better soon. It's great to see you back.

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