Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Oh Happy Day and September Goals

Hello lovelies! When I post every day, it makes me so happy. Do any of you other bloggers feel the same way? I’ve been in a good mood and I just really love sharing it! I’m just going to warn you that I pretty much have rainbows and sunshine emanating from me today so get ready for a big dose of CHEERINESS!

There are some things on my mind today, and they’re unrelated, so here goes:
I realized last week that I can cross my legs. We used to have these little lessons, once a week (or maybe a bit more sporadically) in my sorority house where we would learn little etiquette things and one of them was that ladies crossed their ankles. Of the few things that stuck with me – I still tear my bread into bite size pieces and then butter it instead of taking a bite out of it – that one always felt just fine because my stomach was literally so large it was hard to put one leg on top of the other. However, now it’s my favorite thing to do. Why? Because I CAN. And the thing I’ve always looked forward to the most is not being hindered by my own body, so it feels just amazing to be able to do that.

Yesterday, Sherae and I were downstairs (our company is on the 5th and 3rd floors of the same building) and I saw the setup of one of the girls down there – she has her computer monitor and keyboard up on this arm thing, so she has the option to stand up and work. Friends, I have been OBSESSED with this since I saw it. I can’t get it done without proof that I need it for ergonomic reasons, but I wonder if I can find stuff to buy on my own and put it in! Honestly, all day I love sitting on my exercise ball, but I hate those days when I wear certain dresses and they get all scrunched up and wrinkly! And even though it can be awkward I love standing more than sitting. I look better, my stomach doesn’t get all gross and sticky-outy, and I hope you will all keep your fingers crossed that I am able to find what I want and get it!!

I am 1.7 pounds away from losing 60 pounds since January 1, 2009. How do you like them apples?? I’ve come so far from that morning in my auntie’s house looking at the scale, feeling like my year was just beginning and was already out of control and just thinking “How did I get here?”

Speaking of statistics, I started this blog at 216 pounds…headed towards 150 (with mini goals along the way)…I’m 40% done. 40%!!!! Although I’m just as excited about the next mini goal as I am about my 150. And as I will be when I figure out where I want to be permanently weight-wise. I’m giddy about weight loss today….she types thinking about the Chinese food she’ll soon be eating for lunch. But hey, one order of Chinese food, this is my fourth meal of it, not bad considering less than 4 months ago I would have eaten it ALL in one sitting.

I cried yesterday after the texts and Facebook and blog comments I got about the Biggest Winner. Knowing that people are proud of me, happy for me and even inspired by me means so, so so much more than winning. And that kind of surprised me. But I always have done what I put my mind to, so I knew if I tried really hard I could excel and do MY best. What always felt like it was missing (I say felt like because I don’t think I really knew how amazingly supportive the people in my life are) was this support structure, so thank YOU, thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!

Some days I feel so happy to be full of amazing things to share with you. Like today.

And here are my August goals…
1. Finish out the Biggest Winner competition STRONG. No slip ups, temptations, indulgences, nothing. One month of being really, really good. – Um, yes. YES I did finish out the competition strong, I just didn’t finish out the month strong. But that’s ok because I finished out the month HAPPY!

2. Learn how to meal plan even better. Look up recipes ahead of time and really be extra organized. – holy wow, I did AWESOME on this one. I love my meal plan so much!! It allows me to really look forward to my treats and therefore indulge less and even though I give myself wiggle room I like knowing what I’m going to be eating for lunch tomorrow (Asian salad that I bought from a bag!)

3. Have two days where my calories burned are at 3000 or higher. – I only had one. But that’s ok, there’s always next month and hopefully it will be a little less dreadfully hot out!

4. Get back to wearing eye makeup every day. I have so completely stopped this and I always feel like I look tired and bleh and that’s not good! - …ummm *looks at self in mirror…notices how tired looking she is…not even foundation on today…* it’s a mostly-win.

5. Embrace my new work schedule by fixing my hair. I always love how my hair looks on the weekends but for work it’s usually the messy bun look. My new work schedule puts me starting 45 minutes later and I’d love to take a few of those minutes to look a little less like a slob! – Again, I totally have my hair pulled back today but I have totally embraced this for the most part. I’m loving my highlights, loving having my hair down and now all I need is to get out of bed ONE snooze earlier to squeeze in ten minutes with my hot rollers.

6. Let those fabulous friends whose friendships I cannot live without know how important they are. It’s a goal worth repeating until I get it just right. – I’m SO on my way. A few notes have gone out. Why is this goal so hard even though it’s so important? Maybe I just put it off because I feel cheesy. But it looks like this is going to be a September goal too.

7. Take at least two awesome things from this four day happy fun time that I can keep up permanently. I’ve got one – the water consumption, so I need to find one more thing! – All right, so I did take the water consumption, still drinking a ton! I’ve also realized that I am happy being about a 60% vegetarian. I feel better without meat, for the most part and even though I don’t feel worse when I eat it per se, I just appreciate it a lot more. Chicken is a treat. Fish is a great treat (especially this week as every single dinner is fish, I’m fish CRAZED right now). So I’m going to drink a lot, and eat meat sparingly, and red meat…let’s just say I can probably get by eating it once a month and be super satisfied.

8. Get to 100 blog followers…a lofty goal to gain 33 in a month but I’ve got some awesomeness coming your way momentarily – well that goal is so far behind me I can’t see it in my rearview mirror. Hello new followers and I am so happy you are along for my journey!!!

And now on to my September goals, my fabulous incredible September goals that will help me on my way!
1. Be a better friend - as in, not someone who can set a goal to be extra nice to her friends and not do it after two months!

2. Have or at least schedule my reward spa day for getting under 200 pounds! - I just have to call and make the appointment. Why am I slacking?

3. Have at least 6 work appropriate outfits that fit me NOW - because I’m sick of feeling frumpy. Yes it’s happy that my clothes are loose but it’s not fun to scramble every morning because nothing fits. At least one of those is going to have to be another top to go with my PANTS!

4. Wear pants twice - I’m working my way up slowly! Keep your fingers crossed that I don’t just wear pants September 29 and 30!!

5. Teach my puppy how to walk with me - He is awful on a leash and I haven’t had the patience to walk super slowly with him! I have to be more patient and work with him because eventually he’ll be a nice happy energy ball to go on my fast walks with!

6. Go walking with fabulous people - get ready for THIS lofty goal, this month I want to go to the reservoir with Erin and hopefully Amanda too at least twice, go walk with Candis because Lord knows I am an awful friend who never sees her or the baby and I don’t know why she puts up with me and is so nice, go with Emilie because we live so close that it’s a travesty we hadn’t seen each other in so absurdly long, and meet up with Hannah who I haven’t seen since HIGH SCHOOL but I can’t wait to catch up. Not to mention keeping up with my walks at work, because I am more excited for them now than before.  Oh this is my favorite goal so far because I know I’m going to have a great time! And if we live close and you want to go walking or other exercising or out for healthy fabulous time with me TELL ME because I bet I would love love love to hang out and see you!!

7. Get my rings sized down - they are about to fall off, and I never want to miss out on a trip to my favorite jeweler.

8. Track my food all month - even the weekend of cupcake and wine-filled gluttony. Track, track track!! I want to stop feeling like eating bad stuff means I don’t have to track, because that would just give me a license to eat poorly without consequence. We ALL know there are consequences!!

9.  Bonus goal!  Take an updated profile picture!!!!

I love my goals! Maybe I just love everything! Maybe I’m just happy from the walk and not falling behind walking up the stairs! Maybe I am just a happy person after all! Doesn’t matter – it’s a fabulous day, now go drink a bunch of water, be active and be happy that you are all awesome people who make me happy!


Anonymous said...

It is so awesome that you have your goals all written out like that! What a great way to keep yourself accountable for the next month. You truly are an inspiration. Thanks for sharing your journey!!

Moderate Means said...

Fantastic post!! And, I know exactly what you mean about the excitement of crossing your legs. It's something I really miss.

Good luck with the ergonomic chair!

Raegun said...

Congrats on all that you accomplished this month. You have some fantastic goals for September - no w, go get 'em!

Tammy said...

Uh, crossing your legs is so cool! It's been a goal of mine too. When I am finally able to do that, I will probably scream so loud the whole neighborhood will hear. Very exciting, congratulations. Love the goals and all the cheeriness that brought them to me.

Midori Mighty Warrior said...

What a great post :) There was a lot of wonderful things you wrote about. I like your goals for September! Congrats on being so very close to losing 60 lbs1

Anonymous said...

This post is just awesomeness! You are so inspiring to me! I can't wait to cross my legs again. :) Congrats on all you've accomplished!

Brigitte said...

I am super glad that happy Kyoko is back! I love the whole you but this one makes everyone happy!!

Catherine F. said...

Such an inspiring post - totally awesome. As for the standing bit ..... good way to burn more calories!

Love your great way of honestly appraising August and setting up Sept. Good on you!

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