Thursday, January 20, 2011

And I ran, I ran so far awaaaaaay...

Lovely and wonderful readers, I'm sorry I haven't been around all week.  I have been doing...not well, not bad.  Running every day (even if some days it's less than half a mile), but it's hard to keep my calorie deficit where I want it.  It's like, I burn a few hundred more calories and I feel like I want to eat about eight hundred extra.  It's awful!!

The running, however, is going all right.  I am slow, not in the way that everyone says "oh I'm so slow" but in the way that I am actually slower running than walking.  I'm not opposed to being slow in general, but I'm annoyed at not seeing an improvement.  I finished week 1 of couch to 5k, meaning I've REALLY gone out to run three times.  And it may sound dumb but I'm sitting here annoyed that I haven't improved at all.  I know I know, running three times isn't exactly a huge amount of training (or even a habit, really).  Still, it would have been cool if after the last time I had made it even a tenth of a mile farther in the same amount of time.

Beyond running I haven't been up to anything but party planning.  I got my mask ordered, got together a bunch of other things and in true OCD fashion I made a wonderful and extremely detailed to do list for myself.  On the weight loss front, a big nothing has changed since the last time I posted - so disappointing!!

I wish I had a better update for you.  Something interesting to say, perhaps.  I'm swamped at work and the stress follows me home.  Nothing very serious, just a lot of little things.  But enough that I'm struggling to keep up with life right now much less blogging.  I'll try!  I miss you all when I'm gone :) hope you are all having wonderful weeks!!

ps, I gave up on giving up coffee - however I am keeping it down to 2 cups per week!  And...trying to save them for the weekend too, it's going pretty well!


Krystal said...

Keep up the hard work! Running will get easier.

Joanna said...

I know how you feel with the running. My pace time is all over the place - but I've decided to not let it bother me.

As long as I'm out, trying, I know that eventually my pace will improve. I've decided to start going a further distance...that makes me feel better.

Keep up the great work - and we miss you too!!

Natalia said...

I hope work gets better and less stressful! Hang in!!!

Shabby Chic Mom- Susie said...

Hi, new follower. We r neighbors ;)
what a great clog, love the cake theme. Hang in there on the running, it will get easier!

Roxie-Girl said...

Sorry to hear that you're not so pleased about your running schedule. I'm not a runner, but I'm sure it will get easier once you get the hang of it.
It's started that way with me with lifting weights. I had a very slow start, but once I put in the time and concentrated effort, I got stronger and was able to lift more. It made me feel so strong.
Keep running, you got this!!!


Anonymous said...

I want to run again! I haven't even been doing my Zumba! I've been so tired after work and dinner and kids and dogs and fish that I do nothing at all. That's not getting me into the skinny me that I know exists :-/ You're motivating me...keep up the great work, and never trivialize anything you do, especially sticking with a new running routine!!!!

Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...

adorable layout! i'm a new reader, too. and i agree with susie, it will get easier, it just has to :)) i love hearing about other people's running life b/c i'd love to start running someday, too. have a great weekend!

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