Thursday, January 6, 2011


Yesterday my calorie deficit was 812.  To get to my goal weight it was supposed to be at least 870.  Oops.  Which led to a not fun weight this morning of 190.4.

While I could easily blame that on the fact that I didn't exercise, that wasn't the problem.  It was my eating.  And it's exactly that, that is inspiring me to write to you about my eating goals today!

I have two eating goals, and the first one is so simple.  Cook.  A little background is that my work schedule changed.  Again.  And I am not getting home until about 6:00.  It is really rough.  I think back to a couple of months ago when I was home at 3:45 and I'm just...sad.  I feel like I don't have the right amount of time to get things done.  But guess what - it's time to suck it up.  Boo hoo, other people don't get home until 6:00 and THEY don't go out to dinner every single night or have their husbands cook for them.  So I will not do that either.  It makes me feel like a slacker when all I do is work and relax, and I can't fall into that trap so I have to stop now.

To help me with cooking though, I'm tricking a couple of friends into being healthy with me.  I guess it's not a trick as they'll probably see this when I post it.

A little preview of what my lucky guests might get tonight...

I'm experimenting on them with new recipes and I am going to trick them and possibly others into making this a weekly or bi-weekly thing, where we eat healthy food and cook instead of going out.  I really need this in my life.

My other eating goal is to PLAN.  I've already started the plan today.  I set alarms on my phone, to remind me to eat at good intervals.  Yesterday I didn't plan, had consumed only 300 calories (over 1/3 of that was coffee creamer!!) and got home starving and unable to think straight.  So I did what any complete idiot would do - I ordered fried rice and ate WAY too much of it!

To help with planning on a larger scale I bought a weekly calendar that will get stuck to my refrigerator where I can plan out my menus for the week.  If I have ideas and know what I'm cooking, I can get things out of the freezer or whatnot and never be stuck wondering what to eat.  Let's hope they have fast shipping and I can get started right away!

Hmmm, plan and cook.  Those goals are so simple they just might least I hope they do!  What a boring post :) but super important.

What are your eating healthy tricks?  I have only a few that have REALLY helped me.  Weighing and logging my food are the biggest ones - my kitchen scale is almost as awesome as my Bodybugg, and it keeps me from overeating every time I use it.  The other thing I do is go small.  Small bowls (think rice bowl size), I even have small utensils.  I eat ice cream with a demitasse spoon - and all I take now is a teensy scoop!  It makes everything seem grander than it really is and makes small amounts of food last longer so I get that full feeling before I'm able to eat too much!

What a delicious eating trick!  Makes me want tiny amounts of ice cream right now!


Amanda said...

I'm excited! The picture looks AMAZING, so I expect that same presentation tonight. :) Hehe. I too very much need to get on track with planning meals and going shopping for healthy things. Instead, I make my way home from work normally between 6-7pm and stop at the store or take out place on my way home. By that time I'm hungry and buy whatever is in sight. Not a good thing!!

KyokoCake said...

I know what you mean, they're opening a Fresh and Easy near me which I think is like pre-made food. So I have to get into good habits before they open! the salad may not be that pretty...but the dessert will be gorgeous and also healthy - so get your hopes up!! haha

Annie said...

Hi I'm new follower.

LOVE the idea of using tiny bowls and spoons for a treat of ice cream. Good thinkin'. :)

Joanna said...

Getting home late has been a challenge I have faced for a while. Hubby and I decided to split up cooking responsibilities to help with the stress.

I've started planning my meals again, each week, and do weekly grocery shopping. That really helps us know exactly what we're going to eat and what we need to prepare in advance. I make enough so that I have leftovers to take for lunch the following day - that's awesome, too!!

The food looks yummy - and it appears as if your friends are going to be very lucky!!

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