Monday, January 7, 2013

10 Goals for 2013

I really had fun making that list the other day.  I love lists.  My OCD brain sees things bulleted and numbered and makes me smile.

I wanted to write out some goals for myself.  My fitness and health goals have historically been all over the place.  When I first started losing weight I wanted to be 120 pounds.  I'm 5'5" so that's not impossible, but let's politely call it "extremely ambitious" - then I thought, well if I hovered around 140-148 at least I wouldn't be technically overweight.  Now, I don't know about numbers.  I'm rethinking a lot.  And as much as this is primarily a weight loss blog, maybe I'm going to start filling you guys in on the other things going on too, and this list is a good way for me to see in one place really what I want to do.

1.  I want to lead an active lifestyle - I want to walk more and run more. Bike more, drive less.  I want to do one of those color runs which I just realized is happening in March here eek I better get prepared!

2.  I want to be organized - I live a messy, cluttered life.  I know I can train myself to come home, put my jacket on a hanger, and be more responsible about where things belong.  I want to have a place for everything and keep it there!

3.  I want to be more thoughtful - I'm not...thoughtless. I just sometimes don't think things all the way through or make connections. Sometimes I forget to check in with friends whose parents are sick, friends who are waiting to hear back on job possibilities.  Sometimes I think a month later, aww I should have gotten that thing for this girl, she'd have loved it!  I want to try to be the person who makes those connections in my head, who follows up and who keeps these important people in mind.

4.  I want to be braver - I have this one friend who over the past year keeps encouraging me to travel.  And I'm very lucky to have friends around the world, well at least in a few countries and all over the US, who would be willing to host me and make sure I'm not wandering alone.  This year I really want to take advantage of that and not let my fears keep me limited to weekend trips here and there.

5.  I want to eat better food - I don't even just mean that I want to eat healthier food, although that's part of it. I guess I just want to eat consciously. I want to become a better cook, especially when it comes to cooking healthy meals full of vegetables and other goodness.  And I want to make better choices when I'm in a grocery store or a restaurant.

6.  I want to be more stylish - I could probably go 2 weeks wearing jeans and the same sweater in different colors.  I probably have (ahh Gap v-necks, I love you). My home is a mish-mash of things I've collected and things people gave me. I want to take this year to do things like buy nicer clothes, and make my place look more put together.  I go for cheapness over quality and I'm trying to move past that to make a put together me.

7.  I want to relax - I used to meditate for an hour every morning and an hour every evening.  Yet in 2012 I probably took the time to do that less than 50 times. With an overactive brain and a lot of stress I need to find ways to just decompress, whether it's meditating or a silly project like learning a language, creating things, anything.

8.  I want to lose weight - I don't know how much.  I don't know when I will either but I'd like to weigh less on January 1 2014 than I did on January 1 2013.

9.  I want to go out - maybe not go out. But be more social.  Every time I sit down and think about it I have a lot of friends I don't see enough.  I'll be making more of an effort to see them and have fun and not sit at home too much!

10. I want to be happier - and to be honest I think working on these other 9 things will make me happier.  But I felt like if I didn't write this goal out specifically I could find myself lost in the others.  I just want to smile every day, and maybe for some people that comes easily but for me I have to remind myself.

So there you have it.  It ambitious here all spelled out doesn't it!  What do you think can I get the ball rolling on all those in just a year??


KyokoCake said...

update: if you're local, and want to run, my wonderful friend found a cheaper run in San Jose if you want to run with me let me know!

Joanna said...

I think this list sounds awesome!!

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