Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

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(edited to ask what is all THAT junk above?? I wrote about my life changing dramatically and apparently blogspot wanted to say it in a crazy way)

I  tend to take my new year's resolutions very seriously. I think a lot about what it is I want to focus on in my life, what it is that I want to improve about it.  I try not to set any unrealistic goals.  This year it was difficult.  Having so little direction is confusing.  But I've decided on a good one, and my resolution is to make an active effort every day to reduce my stress.

I've talked about my OCD in this blog before, and many of you know that I am a giant ball of nerves and stress - and that's something I want to help change.  Whether or not that leads to more than just this lone blog post, we will see.  My hope is that it will help me in the way that it did before, and ease a stress that's been plaguing me for months...my weight.  Yep, I'm back up there.  And every pound that I worked so hard to lose and is now around my waist is causing me so much stress!!

I hope you've all been doing well. I miss all of you that I used to talk with so much...I hope you'll leave comments with links to your blogs if you're still writing so I can see what you're up to!

And I hope 2013 is as amazing a year for you as I'll try to make it for myself!

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Mrs Swan said...

WHOO HOO! Welcome back! I just emailed you last night looking for you. LOL

Karen Q said...

You aren't at the bottom of my blogroll anymore! YOWZA!!! *hugs*
(In case you've missed it on the tweets, the new blog is at http://bikepotato.blogspot.com)

KyokoCake said...

I saw your email right after I posted hehe :D thanks you guys for sticking with it even though I'm a slacker :)

Mrs Swan said...

No prob! I am on that slacker bench with ya!

Astrid said...

AAAH. It's so good to see you back!! I've missed reading your blog! I just started writing in mine again, too. I'm so excited to be reading your blog again, though. This is awesome.

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