Monday, January 28, 2013

Another pound gone!

I know I've been sporadic here and I'm sorry.  I need to figure out how to type up my blog posts while I'm on the bike!  Actually I know how, my friend has this bike desk combination thing that is CRAZY, but I think it would be perfect.  I'm trying to spend my evening down time on the bike.  I don't know if I can really count it as working out because I'm not exerting myself too much, but I'm just doing it to keep moving.  I like how it's worked out so far because I'm down another pound.  Gotta keep it up.  I'm super motivated too, because I've been obsessive about planning my trip to England and Scotland (which has been pushed back to June).

So my lunchtimes have been filled with research on going to the places I'd most like to see and meeting up with friends.  I'll have every moment of the trip planned out months in advance (silly) but I can't help it, when I get excited about something I really go crazy!

There isn't much else going on with me.  I somehow avoided getting sick and am feeling great now, oh and last week when there was ice cream I successfully avoided it, which I am pretty darn proud of!!

Hope you all are doing well, I'll be trying to catch up with all of you today :D


Astrid said...

Congratulations on losing a pound! And even though being on the bike may not seem like much, moving around a little is way better than just sitting and doing nothing. Now I'm kind of curious about a bike-desk combo, though...

Karen Q said...

That's dream trip! I expect lots and LOTS of pictures! (and I totally want a combo bike/desk)

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