Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Planning to Plan

Today I'm looking for an iphone app.  I'm so picky, it gets frustrating after awhile.  So I had to stop because the #1 rule of getting rid of my stress is to stop doing things that stress me out.

What I really want is a schedule to manage my life.  I mean everything from having a notification pop up every other day to scoop cat litter, to friends' birthdays, to my cleaning schedule.  Also I want the app to be pink, also I want it to be pretty, and when I complete a task I want a unicorn to run across the screen, make a sound that is the audio equivalent of glitter and tell me how awesome I am.

Maybe I won't find that last one.  But I've got to at least try :)

I'm back at work even though I'm still in vacation mode. I had sushi for lunch today, left over from Japanese New Year, which is one of my very favorite holidays.  It consists of cooking all day on December 31, then you have the most delicious feast on January 1. I love it.  It's bad for a diet.  It's like rice city.  Also my sister is in town from Missouri, and the family is going out to dinner, so more sushi tonight.  Good thing it is not physically possible for me to tire of rice.

What works for you guys?  Do you plan out cleaning, meals, exercise, all that? I'm open to any and all suggestions.  I've seen binders, would be awesome to have an actual recommendation though!


Fit for France said...

haha love the app suggestion- pink and sparkly yess! I actually use my calendar on my iPhone for daily tasks I need to do and to keep track of when fun events are. For my workout reminder- I have "Get Your Booty in Gear" as the name of it or I think another one is "Burn Baby Burn" hahaha. Or "would Chuck Norris sleep in and miss a workout? I don't think so!" Something silly to make me do it.

KyokoCake said...

that is too cute! I love the idea of having fun little reminders like that :D

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