Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Weekend Productivity

I'm going to get to a happier post but I wanted to share my obnoxious morning with you guys.  I woke up in just a great mood, super early just hanging out in bed with my cat (yeah, I'm exciting!).  And there are just some days that old issues come up and one did today, an ongoing thing with someone who is/was my friend, someone who doesn't like me for reasons they're not sharing, just one of those things I have to learn to live with and let go of.  And it's hard to live with and let go of things like that, especially when that person is likely to never be gone from your life, but it's a process and I'm dealing as best I can.  Then one of my best friends got some pretty great news and we celebrated and oh my gosh before 9am I had cried from frustration and cried from happiness.  I am feeling so extra crazy today.

But that's today.  I wanted to tell you guys about the weekend I had. In three days, I only left home to go grocery shopping - but I'm ok with that because I was moving all weekend.  I felt and feel great about it.  I exercised, and cleaned like never before.  Windows are sparkling, everything is a little whiter, and I just feel good.  All of my mess and clutter has congregated in my dining room, in boxes that are neatly stacked, waiting for me to just go through one by one.

I seriously feel good about myself.  I know some of you probably keep your houses spotless, but that is so rough for me.  I've started making a to do list every day, and it has been awesome to check everything off and see it come together.

What's the best part?  Well I don't do weekly weigh ins, or let's say I haven't been sharing my weekly weigh ins but since January 1 I have lost 3.4 pounds.  I'm on my way.  Despite my crazy morning setback I'm feeling really good.  I need to go catch up on all your blogs, but thanks for your support and thanks for being here for me when I'm up and down and awkward and happy and everything else :)


Joanna said...

Great news on the weight loss!!

I know how you feel with the emotional roller coaster thing. Yesterday, I was in a good mood all day - only to be ruined right before coming home by a person that was stressed out and took it out on me.

But, I'm so glad you were able to focus on having a good day. :)

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