Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Various Biggest Winner things!

What a liar, I said I was back and then I did not post yesterday. My lovely friends I just did not have time. I was so busy…ok I tried to lie again but honestly the truth is that I got home and Husbandcake had bought me the super amazing world ending huge blu ray set of Lost. I LOVE Lost. I spent an entire day driving all over the island of Oahu JUST to look at Lost filming sites (oh and to find Dave’s favorite bbq place). And then I almost cried in a restaurant when I met Daniel Dae Kim, who played my favorite character, and Michael Emerson who is also on the show and had a fabulous conversation with them. So you can see I was just not able at all to post!

Here is how I did yesterday:
Burned 2396 calories
Consumed 1372 calories
Deficit of 1024 calories

And here is how I did Tuesday:
Burned 2476 calories
Consumed 1428 calories
Deficit of 1048 calories

It is HOT. It’s almost too hot to exercise. My lunchtime walk yesterday was lonely as nobody else wanted to brave the awful heat outside. And I almost didn’t – but it’s the last week of the Biggest Winner competition and I am fully committed to finishing STRONG. Today there were three of us but…man, it was so absurdly tiring and I couldn’t bring myself to walk over and get my lunch out of the fridge until an hour or so after we got back!

Oh! I said I had another giveaway as I won the Biggest Winner prize last week. I am hoping to put it up tomorrow, so watch out for that! It’s a really awesome prize that EVERYONE can use (ok almost everyone) so I hope you all will enter. Tee hee…I’m so excited!!

But speaking of the Biggest Winner competition that has unexpectedly become the theme of this blog…I was asked by the fabulous girl who is running it to say a few words at the finale event. What? Just about how the competition has gone for me and things like that, and it will only be a few minutes (there are other people that will be speaking too!). I’m not um, great with public speaking. I’m really shy in person and I don’t speak as well as I write. So what do I talk about? What do I say? Besides of course that I owe it all to other people! It is all you guys and your support and your words of wisdom and tales of caution! It’s all the people at work for all their encouragement and their company on walks.

Any ideas? What should I talk about? What is inspiring? I have a ton of unformed ideas rattling in my head but having a bit of trouble focusing them!


Amelia said...

Congratulations on winning! How about writing something down since your great at writing then kinda reading from that? I too am very shy in person and reading from a cheat sheet was the only way i got through presentations in collage...Good luck and way to go on your walking and eating :)

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