Monday, August 2, 2010

Weigh in and August Goals

After Day 1 of what I’m no longer calling a diet, detox or not (I’m calling it happy fun time) I feel GREAT. I am going to credit above all else the amount of water I had – 85 ounces and normally I call it a win if I get in above 40. This morning I am down THREE POUNDS from yesterday. Note to self – you like water. I will keep drinking it to help you out!

Here is how I did yesterday:
Burned 2269 calories
Consumed 1307 calories
Deficit of 962 calories

Not my finest deficit but hey – I was sore and had a fabulous day of watching movies and having a good time. And it’s pretty important to have a great day of rest every once in awhile!!

I can’t believe I forgot to do a goal check in yesterday and think of my August goals! Let’s see how I did for July’s goals:
1. I want an average deficit of OVER 1200 calories a day for the whole month. Yep – still loving that I changed that one. I’m calling it a win even though I most likely don’t deserve it according to my gain last week! I’ll just say that every day I tracked food, I had a deficit.
2. I want to continue New Recipe Tuesday and try for Meatless Monday at least twice. New Recipe Tuesday successes all around. Today is the first meatless day that is actually a Monday so that’s not bad either!
3. I want to clean out my closet, get rid of too-big clothes, sort any too-small clothes that I’ve kept for way too long and get organized with everything I want to keep. Yay! Another success. I’m even wearing an old-new dress today, which is my term for things I buy online but don’t fit me and then I forget to return them. Well…it fits now so it’s new now and I’m feeling great in it!
4. I want to ride my bike all the way to the grocery store and back! I kicked this goal’s butt, that’s all.
5. I want to make it from this moment until it’s available and in my hands to STOP COMPLAINING about not having my iPhone 4 yet. I’m doing awesomely on this one too…in fact I have a picture of the white phone on my current phone’s background and I’m more excited than frustrated even though I have to wait!
6. I want to take time to let all of my most treasured friends know that they are special. Massive fail. I actually bought note cards but got distracted and didn’t do anything about it. You ARE all special though, and I really mean that.
7. I want to get fun and cheap jewelry instead of wearing the same few pendants over and over. Still no luck, but it hardly matters as I’ve barely taken off my gorgeous anniversary necklace to exercise, sleep and shower. It’s too pretty!
8. I want to spend a whole day (our 5 year anniversary) happily drinking wine and eating great food with NO GUILT – yikes, that’s a tough one…but important! This one is a win…times three as I spent all three vacation days doing exactly that!

All right, so here are fabulous brand new August goals!:
1. Finish out the Biggest Winner competition STRONG. No slip ups, temptations, indulgences, nothing. One month of being really, really good.
2. Learn how to meal plan even better. Look up recipes ahead of time and really be extra organized.
3. Have two days where my calories burned are at 3000 or higher.
4. Get back to wearing eye makeup every day. I have so completely stopped this and I always feel like I look tired and bleh and that’s not good!
5. Embrace my new work schedule by fixing my hair. I always love how my hair looks on the weekends but for work it’s usually the messy bun look. My new work schedule puts me starting 45 minutes later and I’d love to take a few of those minutes to look a little less like a slob!
6. Let those fabulous friends whose friendships I cannot live without know how important they are. It’s a goal worth repeating until I get it just right.
7. Take at least two awesome things from this four day happy fun time that I can keep up permanently. I’ve got one – the water consumption, so I need to find one more thing!
8. Get to 100 blog followers…a lofty goal to gain 33 in a month but I’ve got some awesomeness coming your way momentarily and hopefully you will become a follower and encourage your friends too!!

Now on to what has so far been the highlight of my day – my weigh in!!
Last week’s weight: 207.6
Current weight: 202.7
Pounds lost: 4.9 WHAAAAAAAAA?? I knew I was doing well but that feels beyond awesome.
Weekly goal: I totally failed/forgot about last week’s goal of a day with 3000 calories burned! But I did reach my other weekly goal of totally getting back on track this week. My goal for the coming week is to help someone else on their weight loss journey!

My fabulous readers…stay tuned, for what I’m about to post next!!


Tamara said...

OMG! I heart your blog (smile) You have encouraged me to quit making plans and start putting my words into action. I always said I was going to write down my goals, I want ti achieve this goal by the end of the week! I look forward to reading more of your blogs :) keep up the awesome work, Go Get-ter!

KyokoCake said...

Thanks Tamara!! It has helped me soooo much to start this blog and write everything down and just get it out there! Some days the only thing that really keeps me going is knowing that if I don't do well I'll have to fess up here :)

Sherae said...

Kyokoko, I am loving your BLOG. I am PROUD of you for PAYING the BodyBugg forward. That is an AWESOME Inspiration.

KyokoCake said... better enter to win that Bodybugg or I'm going to enter FOR you!!

And of course I have to pay it forward...YOU are the one that inspired me to do that!!!

Brigitte said...

You did really well with July goals!! I am sure that August will be a even better month! You go girl.

Andrea said...

Congratulations KC! You are doing an awesom job and I know you are going to kick butt on your August goals xx

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