Monday, August 9, 2010

Weigh In and Milestones

Back to normal in …like a fat kid loves cake-land! For now anyway, I am still holding out hope that I win more and more stuff, to pass it along to all of you who keep me accountable, keep me happy and going strong. I’d love to give away 20 Bodybuggs so you can all discover how awesome they are!

Here is how I did yesterday:
Burned 2555 calories
Consumed 1553 calories
Deficit of 1002 calories

Under normal circumstances I’d probably be a little embarrassed about such a low number of calories burned. However, as I set out to make yesterday one of my 3000 calories burned days…I’m a LOT embarrassed. Oh well, there are other weekends and other activities!

What I’m really excited about today is my weigh in!!
Last week’s weight: 202.1
Current Weight: 197.0
Pounds lost: 5.1

Weekly goal: I accomplished my goal of helping someone else on their weight loss journey and I feel fabulously about it! This next week my goal is simple. I want to work out every day and stay on my eating plan.

All right, what is going on with losing 5 pounds a week?? What is my secret? I don’t know but I’m just going to happily continue along doing what I’m doing. That’s not even all of the good news!

From last Monday, my waist is down 2 inches. 2 INCHES! My hips are down 3 inches. I feel myself getting closer and closer to another mini goal I’ve had in the back of my mind. I want my waist measurement to be smaller than my bust. I will feel SO GOOD then. My waist has been smaller than my hips as of July 6, so now it has to get down farther.  In case that wasn't obvious, I carry ALL my weight around my middle, every last ounce of it, and I hate being shaped like a beach ball with legs, so I'm REALLY happy that's changing!!!

And my friends, we are still not at the best news. I started tracking my measurements at the end of June. There is a section on the Bodybugg website where you enter them in and it estimates your lean and fat mass to help show you that you ARE losing the fat pounds even if you’re gaining muscle. On June 24 I was at 108 pounds of lean mass and 104 pounds of fat mass. Today…I’m at 116 pounds of lean mass and 81 pounds of fat mass. That is 23 pounds of fat gone in a month and a half.

Oh yeah – the best news. On January 1, 2009 I weighed myself and I was at 247 pounds. That’s the highest I’ve ever seen on the scale. As of today, I have lost 50 pounds. Sure, half of it took me a year and a half to do and the other half took me a couple of months, but however I did it, I really did it and I don’t ever want to get back up there again.

There are so many things I can think of to be happy about today. Counting this one, I’ve had two posts in a week about multiple amazing milestones in my life. I feel so blessed, so happy and so truly on my way in this journey. I also feel like there is a chance of me meeting my mini goal by the time I turn 30 (next February)…I just have to keep an average up of 1.7 pounds a week!! Going through a phase of losing 5 pounds a week is really fun but definitely not sustainable for me…my metabolism is going to adjust to any changes I’ve made and then it will be time for me to change it up again!

My lovelies, that is all I have for you today. I hope you go out and have wonderful, beautiful afternoons, evenings and tomorrows!  Can't wait to catch up on what all of you are up to :)


Raegun said...

Wow - you have so many reasons to celebrate today. Enjoy! You are such an inspiration.

Amelia said...

Congratulations on your weight loss this week and so far! Way To Go!!

Fat Girl vs. World said...

Keep on making me proud!!

Crystal said...

Wow, it sounds like the momentum is just starting! It's going to be a joyous journey! Keep it up!

CJ said...

I guess 3000 cals you are burning is showing on the scale! Congrats on the awesome loss :)

Brigitte said...

You are such an inspiration and I am so proud of you! Keep doing what you are doing and by your birthday you'll be even more smokin!!!

Midori Mighty Warrior said...

You are awesome :) Way to go, Koyoko! What an inspiration you are to me!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog via another weight loss blog. Congratulations on your weight loss thus far. Very impressive! :)

Andrea said...

Congratulations - you are a real inspiration!

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