Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ah it too soon to go back?

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday and lateness today!  I've had certain computer issues...that are extremely annoying.  However health wise I have been doing fabulously and getting back on track.  I went on the lunchtime walk solo yesterday as well and once I got home went on two more!  One with a friend and one just into downtown Clayton to meet Husbandcake after his dinner out with a friend.  Check out super-active KyokoCake!!

Here is how I did yesterday:
Burned 2945 calories
Consumed 1793 calories - what??!!!  With no alcohol?  I assure you though it was ALL healthy food, including some absurdly delicious peanut butter that was perhaps too delicious to be eaten in moderation.
Deficit of 1152 calories

I'm really getting into the hang of this food as fuel thing.  I still enjoy food (so much!) and I am happy to be eating well...I am realizing it's just like putting gas in the car.  You have to have a certain amount to keep it going, but it doesn't make sense to put in ten gallons a day when you're only driving four miles every day - it will overflow and be gross!!  So on the days when I am burning a ton of calories I have to remember to refuel and on the days that I'm being lazy I have to remember that sitting on my butt does not require much fuel at all.

It feels good.  My lego tower is huge.  I didn't even take away blocks for this week's gain.  Big deal!  All that yummy food was totally worth it.

It was a struggle over the weekend especially - eating healthy stuff, that is.  I miss the bread and cheese of Napa, I miss the wine and the carefree-ness so it's a little bit of a shock to come back to normal life where I have to cook and make sure there isn't a lot of butter in everything!

I know I said I would share pictures of my wonderful totally worth it was really amazing!

First of all, our room - if you can even call it that.  Here is HusbandCake sitting out on the front porch.

Very quaint!  The cottages are super cute, I almost wished we could have had one more day to just hang out around the resort and in our room!

Our deck/outdoor area.  We had breakfast out at the table one day.  The chair you see in the background has a heat lamp over it too!!  We sat out there at night and stargazed all cozy like!

Wednesday when we first got up to the area we headed to Black Stallion Winery which was a really pretty winery...
It's like everywhere you go in Napa is an opportunity to have a delightful photo shoot!

and on to Darioush, where I realized that I need a tiara stand to keep my bottles of wine in!

Thursday we went to Castello Di Amarosa, which is this as-authentic-as-possible castle that some rich winemaker built.  Wines were not fabulous but it's worth it to go for the grounds and the tour!!  Gorgeous!
A view of the castle from the guard tower

In front of the drawbridge

Me daydreaming about being a princess (you can probably tell by now that Husbandcake had the camera almost the whole time)

My gosh it's like he's a real dragon.

That delightful barrel is full of port, which I happen to love.  Yum!

After that we went to a couple other places but let's be honest, you can't quite top that castle - it was amazing!

Friday was our actual anniversary, and we have a few traditions that we do every year on July 23...we went to lunch at our usual place in Sonoma and walked around the square for awhile shopping.  We got a couple of things at the jeweler who made our wedding rings - every year we get a glass paperweight and a little something for yours truly!  I wish I could even describe the necklace (I'm wearing it in the picture below but it does it absolutely no justice, at some point I will get a real camera and share its glory with all of case you can't tell I love love love jewelry!)...

On to our most important tradition of exchanging presents on the stage we were married on at B.R. Cohn Winery.  It was as always a fabulous time to be at the winery, and be at the place where it all started five years earlier!

Our kinda annual hold the camera out with your hand anniversary picture!

Aww...that was nice to re-look over all those pictures.  I am so blessed and since this is after all a weight loss blog I am going to share that I am extra happy that upon weighing myself this morning I'm already lower than last week's weigh in.  Can you believe it?  What a bounce back after being up this week! Woo hoo me!


Erin said...

Loved the vacation pictures! But, I'm loving your attitude and success more! You're awesome!!!

CJ said...

Great pics! Esp the last one! you look beautiful :)

screaming fatgirl said...

You look wonderful. Sincerely, and you and your husband make a cute couple.

It's wonderful to see you enjoy your life. :-)

Ali said...

Love vacations and glad you had a good time. You are looking so good and you can see confidence glowing through your smile as the weight is dropping off. Love the lego tower!

KyokoCake said...

@Erin - YOU are awesome! :) beyond awesome. We should go shopping or healthy eating or whatnot soon!!

@CJ - Thank you!! I was looking through these pictures and cannot even believe the changes I'm seeing in how I look! An awesome feeling for sure!

@screaming fatgirl - Thanks :) that is so so sweet! And it was nice to have so many reasons to smile the whole trip too!

@Ali - it's weird that I always thought of myself as a confident person but the more I am losing the more I just am realizing that there is even more confidence and happiness I can have!

Fat Girl vs. World said...

*wipes a tear* Mama's proud...
good girl on getting it that the food you eat is fuel for your rockin hot body!

adrienne said...

You two are so cute together! It looks like you had a lot of fun.

I found I lose more when I walk than run. I'm happy for you.

Pollywog said...

Wow--Those cottages are adorable. You must have felt like you were in a fairy tale! You can tell you two had a blast. It just shines through your pictures. Congrats on your anniversary and all your successful weight loss!

my blog:

Andrea said...

You look fabulous! I love the idea of holidayimg where you got married at anniversary time xx

Lee-Ann said...

Looks like a great time! Sounds like you are getting back on track, so hard after vacation. I'm not so much looking forward to that come November, when we head to Disney for 10 days! Have a great week!

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