Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hello my inspiring and amazing readers!  I am feeling surprisingly contemplative for such a beautiful Saturday.  I am hoping that while my brain is up and working overtime, Husbandcake will get up and we can go out so I can get the rest of me working hard too!

Here is how I did Thursday:
Burned 2629 calories
Consumed 1582 calories
Deficit of 1047 calories

And here is how I did yesterday:
Burned 2604 calories
Consumed 1576 calories
Deficit of 1028 calories

Weird how normal a schedule I feel like I have now.  At times I have had numbers all over the place.  I'd eat 1500 calories one day, 1100 the  next, and there was no rhyme or reason.    I don't know if that's good or bad, or what it means but it does seem like I've got more of a routine going.

So here is my contemplation of this morning that made me get out of bed and head over to the computer.  I've been doing well this week according to my trusty scale.  Not super amazing fantastic, but I'm on track for a solid 2 pound loss, which is great.  But...I'm tired.  I woke up this morning sore and cranky.  Not sore like I won't exercise all day, but physically getting up was a bit obnoxious.  I think I'm coming back around to that feeling that I'm working too hard to get these less than super amazing fantastic results.  I'm feeling pretty tired of missing out on hours of lounging and snuggling time with Husbandcake and Potato because I'm always exercising.

She's so lonely! ...She needs me...

I don't know what my next step is.  Some days I feel like I could keep plugging away like this for as long as it takes, and some days I feel like it's so tedious maybe I will just stay fat!  Honesly, I had decided to do this four day detox diet followed by a week of all organic happy healthy food.  I'm having some pretty strong second thoughts on that...I mean four days isn't all that much to try to shake things up and feel less full of chemically things like Splenda and cheddar Goldfish...but it's one of those things where I can't put my finger completely on my motivation.  Am I expecting to lose 12 pounds in four days?  If so, no way should I be doing this.  But am I only expecting to feel refreshed?  Then it's a great idea.

And then there's my metabolism, which I find to be the real problem.  I need to trick myself into burning more calories while I'm just sitting around.  I'm not sure how though.  At work I sit on an exercise ball all day.  My Outlook reminders pop up every five minutes reminding me to move and drink water.  I try not to sit still but it really seems like I'm not getting rid of any calories unless I'm actually exercising.

I skipped the lunchtime walk yesterday to go out to eat with some of the other girls in my department.  It was worth it - both because lunch was delicious and I had fun chatting and sitting out in the sun - but the moment we got back I started wondering what other exercise I could squeeze in in addition to my fabulous walk with the always awesome Erin.

Maybe it's just a matter of motivation.  Maybe I have a case of the weekend lazies after a week of being totally and enthusiastically on track.  Maybe I'm feeling like I need more more more coming back to me as I lose this weight.

Those of you who are bloggers will probably understand...that I just reread this post and almost deleted the whole thing.  My problem isn't that I'm lazy, or that I'm unhappy with my weight loss.  I'm just WHINING.  And there's no reason.  I had two people tell me this past week that I'm really looking different, not to mention all of you and your extremely sweet comments on my vacation post.  My wonderful and always supportive coworker said it was like I was just vanishing.  And that's not even including Husbandcake who gave me a hug and then stepped back and said that it was really, really different to hug me now.  I'm getting so much back, I'm just whining because I'm sure and I don't want to do what needs to be done today - which is another day of exercise, healthy food and a healthy lifestyle.

Still contemplating the detox diet tomorrow...we'll see how I feel when I go to the grocery store later.  It's not much, it's just a few days of fruits and vegetables, everything all organic and fabulous, and no chemically nonsense!  I'm sure I will make a very last second decision as usual.

All right, it's time to gain my positive outlook for the day and to get me there I will share with you five things that I'm so grateful for...

Husbandcake (ok and Bruce Willis too, he's cool and I'm grateful for that)...but Husbandcake is always at the top of my list and I'm always feeling happy and lucky to have his support.  I know if I told him today that I really, truly wanted to stay fat he'd drive me to KFC or whatnot in a heartbeat.  But he'd also know if I wasn't serious...and he'd probably drive me to get...a salad or something healthy that would make me feel better!

My awesome friend Erin, who I can take a long walk with and laugh almost the entire time...who is one of those people that is always full of compliments, notices everything and makes you feel good about yourself whenever you're around.  I love that, and being around her definitely makes me want to be a better/nicer person.

Corgis...this, my friends, is why I am building up my collection.  So far I've amassed this many:
But soon I'll have enough corgis to take over the world.

60 calories whaaaaaa?  These are my new favorite things.  What a fabulous treat!!!

Awwww I'm grateful for where I live.  It really is a beautiful day here, too beautiful to be inside and not out exercising, being happily active and enjoying the amazing sunshine.  It's a good life, mine is not so hard, and I'm doing JUST FINE.  So my list of thankful things has done me well and reminded me there is so much to be thankful for and so little to be whiny about.  Hope you are all having wonderful days!!


Andrea said...

Great post Kyokocakes! You know I think its ok to take a day off sometimes, to re-charge ...sometimes its exactly what you need physically and emotionally!!

Hope said...

Your husband is like mine, super loving and supportive. Also, thanks for the tip about the mouse! Looks good!

Anonymous said...

I'm new to your blog and reading through your posts have put a smile on my face. Thanks for sharing.

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