Saturday, July 17, 2010

Boring Day, Boring Post

It's going to be another good day.  I can feel it.  It's going to be a completely boring day, involving a bit of cleaning, and hopefully a bike ride.  Just thinking about it makes me happy all over again.

Here is how I did yesterday:
Burned 2256 calories
Consumed 1237 calories
Deficit of 1019 calories

I took a little block off of my lego tower last night.  I was all weird about eating all day and then had over half of my calories (about 700) for dinner.  My stomach was upset, I ate way too much at once.  It's weird, my attitude about eating.  If I think too much about it, I get annoyed that it should be so important to me.  If I don't think about it, suddenly it's after 6pm and I've only had 500 calories.  So today if I'm more aware, I'll add it back!

Oh! I am going to do something really fun today!!  I am going to work on taking in a few of my dresses and tops.  I know eventually I'll have to buy all new stuff but I'm hoping to put it off as long as possible.  I know it doesn't sound fun but believe me, every stitch, everything just will make me so happy about how far I've I am feeling great today.  And while I'm doing all that, I will be starting on cleaning out my closet and getting a little farther on my monthly goals.

Sorry I don't have anything more interesting for you all this morning.  As usual I am reveling in the boring-ness that I get to enjoy today!  And now off to read what the rest of you have been up to the past couple of days :)


Brigitte said...

I shared your lego alliteration at my WW meeting this morning. They all loved it!

There are 30 more people in the STL building towers because of you!!

Andrea said...

Your day doesn't sound boring at all! You're going to have a new wardobe at the end of it!

Mae Flowers said...

Sounds like you had a good day planned! Hope you're having a great weekend!

Raegun said...

Hi there - I just found your blog through a follower's link. Why do I have the sudden urge to build Lego!? ;)
Feel free to pop by my blog for a visit.

KyokoCake said...

@Brig - yay! That is so awesome :)

@andrea - I did put quite a few things that had been too small back in my closet - and had to put a TON of stuff in my giveaway pile because it was so big that I couldn't even tailor it to fit me agai :)

@mae flowers - I had a fabulous weekend and hope you did too!!

@Rae - I will definitely stop by :) welcome!!

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