Saturday, July 3, 2010

Rough Morning

Beautiful readers, I am having a rough morning.  Last night I was exhausted and didn't put in my calories from lunch and dinner, but I went to bed completely sure that I had eaten well over 1400 and that I was going to be so excited to come here and talk about how I ate healthy foods all day and still got my calories in.  Imagine my surprise when I didn't make it...

Here is how I did yesterday:
Burned 2602 calories
Consumed 1126 calories
Deficit of 1476 calories

I don't get it.  I ate avocado, rice, vegetables, chicken, yogurt...and a ton more.  I even had risotto in there somewhere.  My amazing friend gave me this advice about making sure I eat 5 or 6 times a day but I just end up having snacks and all my snacks are those 100 calorie servings of stuff.  So I just don't eat enough.  But even that is nowhere near as baffling as me sitting here that I'm eating so in the WORLD did I ever eat so much as to get as fat as I am??

Well I know, the answer is a lot of stomach aches, a lot of feeling too full, a lot of "one more cupcake" and all that.  Now I feel full all the time.  Pleasantly so, but still.  I couldn't eat any more than I do.  I think I am going to try re-introducing higher calorie foods in my diet.  A girl I used to work with one day brought in an avocado, sprinkled it with lime juice and a teensy pinch of salt and just ate it.  It's delicious and now I feel like I should just replace at least one snack a day with something like least it would get me an extra 150 calories or so over my granola bars and the like.

All right I'm dwelling and I need to move past it.  Yes, it was a disappointment and I still feel grossly unhealthy like I'm accidentally starving myself...but today is another day to eat well, eat enough calories and feel great.

I have a million things to do today, so hopefully I'll be running around and burning calories, and then I'm really hoping to get another bike ride in today.  In true OCD fashion I made a schedule so that every day I go a little bit farther so that by the end of July I will be able to ride the trip out to the grocery store.  For now though I just go part of the way, come back and then ride around the flatter areas of my neighborhood.  I feel so weird having to work my way up to such a short trip - but I know in less hilly places riding 5 miles is nothing!!  Okay no complaining, I'm getting better, getting closer every day.

For now I just am going to regroup, remember how awesome I am and stop obsessing over food, whether it be to make healthy choices or eat too much, I'm not going to let food rule over my entire day!  So there you have it, now let's all keep our fingers crossed that I come back tomorrow and tell you how successful I was!!


Fat Girl vs. World said...

It's okay if you don't hit your caloric target -- so long as your intentions are good, you're in a good mindset, and you're getting enough nutrition (ie, what you're eating is quality).

Sometimes your body knows more than your mind does. Listen to it.

Andrea said...

My ww leader suggests eating higher calorie healthy food regular yogurt instead of diet as it gives you room to move when you have to decrease your intake as you get smaller xx

Spaghetti Cat said...

Hey.. Re read this post. You feel full and happy. Your calories are a little low, nothing to beat yourself up over! You are making positive great changes by introducing things that are good for your body and mind!
Hang in there girl, You can do it!! Cheering for you everyday!

- Spaghetti Cat!

Midori Mighty Warrior said...

KyokoCake, sorry you're having a bad morning, but I think you're doing great. I know you're not meeting your calories, but you'll get there; it will take some time; you're on your way!

By the way, I love that you ride a bike! I have been thinking about investing in one, not because of the exercise, but because it's fun! I know I'd have to condition myself to riding one since it's been years since I've actually ridden one. Good luck in keeping to your schedule :)

Have a Happy 4th!

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