Thursday, July 1, 2010

Try It...and July Goals

Well...I went on the walk yesterday after all.  I will go more in depth but it felt great :) I walked faster than I had before and felt awesome afterwards.  Later in the evening I wasn't feeling so well and in the end I did not get my calories in for the day.  I still am not feeling great, I can't tell if it's a stomach ache or a general feeling of "blah" - which is totally the clinical term for it.

Here is how I did yesterday:
Burned 2696 calories
Consumed 1110 calories
Deficit of 1586 calories

I wish I felt like I was seeing the pounds on the scale dropping as fast as they should with all my deficits.  I also wish that telling myself over and over again that building muscle means losing less weight and is a GOOD THING would sink in already!  It's tough not to be disappointed, but I know at the end of the day I don't want saggy skin and I do want to be in shape.

Okay so back on to something happier.  I read something about running awhile back that came into my head yesterday and made me go on the walk.  Even if you don't feel like exercising, try it for 5 minutes.  Just 5 minutes and you can stop.  So I thought, I can get dressed, go down, and then maybe walk a half mile or less and if I feel too badly I can turn around and come back - and then I will know without a doubt that I tried and I wasn't just being lazy.

And now that I put it into practice I feel like that should become my motto!!  I really feel like there is no shame in not being able to walk up that hill every time, but I want to at least make an attempt so that I can turn around knowing I wasn't just too lazy to change, too lazy to try.  With my general blah feeling of today I am thinking I'll make it a short walk.  I didn't even make it all the way up the stairs this morning...ended up stopping at the 3rd floor and taking the elevator up to the 5th because I was in a bit of pain.

Even on my off days I think it's worth a 5 minute exercise :) and I hope that works for some of you too because despite my case of the blahs I feel really proud of myself for yesterday.  Well ok except for the eating but I am going to do better today.

Well I had some general goals at the beginning of last month and I figure it's time for a review and update!

1. I want to lose at least one pound every week.  I didn't exactly do this, but I'm calling it a win because it averaged out to at least a pound a week!

2. I want to try at least one healthy recipe a week to replace things like fried chicken wings and funfetti cake from my eating habits.  I did this every week except when Husbandcake was gone.  Verdict?  Delicious!!!  And it got me thinking more about eating fish and GOOD lean proteins, and delicious banana ice cream.
3. I want to wear eye makeup every time I leave the house on the weekends (yeah it's silly - but makeup really makes me feel better about the way I look and I'm sick of being lazy about it!).  Oh my...I'm not wearing any now, and I haven't for a couple of days.  But I stuck with it almost the entire month, which was really great.
4. I want to stop being FAKE.  I'm actually doing better with this.  Sometimes it is still hard and I don't want to start drama or do anything to upset people...but I know it's a balance.  People so often go through life not caring how they affect other people and I don't ever want to be that person.  But I have been a lot better at focusing my attention and effort towards people that I want in my life, people that are positive and people who have a positive impact on me.  I am calling this one as a win too!

My goals for July are:
1. I want an average deficit of OVER 1200 calories a day for the whole month.
2. I want to continue New Recipe Tuesday and try for Meatless Monday at least twice.
3. I want to clean out my closet, get rid of too-big clothes, sort any too-small clothes that I've kept for way too long and get organized with everything I want to keep.
4. I want to ride my bike all the way to the grocery store and back!
5. I want to make it from this moment until it's available and in my hands to STOP COMPLAINING about not having my iPhone 4 yet.
6. I want to take time to let all of my most treasured friends know that they are special.
7. I want to get fun and cheap jewelry instead of wearing the same few pendants over and over.
8. I want to spend a whole day (our 5 year anniversary) happily drinking wine and eating great food with NO GUILT - yikes, that's a tough one...but important!

Boom.  I just busted out 8 goals, so it is going to be a busy busy busy month!  What are some of your goals for this month?? I'd love to hear them :)


karen said...

I know it's not something most of us are used to hearing .... but are you sure you're eating ENOUGH? "They" say that a healthy rate of loss is 2 pounds or less a week which averages to a 1000 deficit daily. I've found that when I let my BodyBugg tell me what I should be consuming and actually listen to it with no tweaking I lose a lot better than if I pretend I know better. You've had some really super-high deficit days which is awesome that you're getting the high burns ... but you need to keep fueling all that hard work :)

KyokoCake said...

Karen I know yesterday I wasn't eating enough. Usually I go for at least 1400 calories, or even higher if I've exercised a lot. I definitely would rather get my deficit from more exercise than less food...but yesterday I was so stuffed with vegetables and other low calorie things, I didn't end up eating the good high calorie stuff that would help get my calories up there. Today it's been rough too, I just don't feel hungry but I'm trying to stay healthy!

karen said...

It's a big pain in the butt to have the healthy stuff we like be so low, isn't it? I actually found myself splurging and drinking calories last week (mmmm Java Monster) in order to hit my "given" amount!

Hungry For Living said...

Great site! Im here from Follow Me Back Tuesday! Hope to see you soon!

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