Thursday, July 22, 2010

Another Bike Ride, and Vacation! (and blog hop!)

I cannot describe to all of you how amazing yesterday was.  Start to finish it was such a great day!!  I'm not tracking my eating while I'm on vacation (way too hard eating out all the time and it just stresses me out when I don't have nutrition facts in front of me - but I am doing better and eating less than I usually do with all of the temptation and delicious food in Napa!!!)

Oh except get this - yesterday, I burned 2899 calories!  How great is that??

So yesterday morning we went on a bike ride.  We headed back over to Safeway and sat outside and had a little bit of breakfast.  It was nice to sit outside, nice to feel active!!

On the way home, my handlebars came loose.  Seriously.  How does that even happen?  But as they were moving up and down easily, I was really not able to ride home.

You know you're in bad shape when your bike is giving the thumbs down along with you!

Husbandcake rode on ahead while I walked my bike towards the house - he intended to get the car and come pick me up.  And for a minute or so I was actually really disappointed about not getting the exercise in (remember that I live on a mountain, so my calories burned are ALL in the ride home!) but then I realized I still had the opportunity to get a bit in.  So I walked as fast as I could to get as far as I could in the time it took him to get the car.  And I made it about 1.3 miles while he rode 2.2 - NOT BAD!!!

Actually after he met me in downtown Clayton, he realized that in his haste he had forgotten the giant cooler in the back of our car.  So instead of loading my bike up, he tightened the handlebars and I rode most of the way home.  I still can't make it up that last hill but I got a little farther than last time before  I had to get off and walk.

After all that, we got our stuff together and headed out to a couple of wineries before checking in - both of which were beautiful and I'll have to share pictures with all of you at some point when Husbandcake is awake because they're all on his phone.

And our room.  I cannot even tell you guys.  It is this little cottage that has everything you could want, from heated floors in the bathroom to a lounge area outside under a heat lamp.  Words can't describe how lucky I feel to have this glimpse into...what it must be like to be rich.  I will save up for 5 years just to be able to come here again...or maybe just hope and pray that somewhere, someone else will raffle off another couple of nights so I can come back.  Seriously.  Look at this place.  And we are, of course, in the cheapest room.  I can't even fathom there being anything nicer!

All right my lovelies, I am off to another fabulous day...or maybe take a note from Husbandcake's book and go back for more sleep.  I cannot wait to see what else my amazing Husbandcake has planned for me, I can only say I don't deserve all this amazing stuff and I am so, so grateful for every moment!!

Last but most very definitely not's blog hop time!


Brigitte said...

Yea for enjoying your vacation!! That place looks amazing!

KellyNY said...

I totally need a vacation. Glad ur enjoying yours!

Raegun said...

Lucky girl - this looks like one STUNNING vacation spot. I was actually just speaking to a friend about Napa yesterday in one of those "wouldn't it be awesome if...." conversations. Too funny. Sounds like you're doing great on the exercise, even if your bike is making it hard for you. ;)

Destiny 150 said...

I want a vacation too! But it sounds as if you have earned yours!

Jen Lindstrom said...

WOW! You are looking Great! And you are doing Great! I am so proud of you! It is exciting to follow along with you on our journey! Have an amazing vacation!

Midori Mighty Warrior said...

What a great vacation you're having and you look fantastic :) I really need to consider buying myself a bike.

By the way I left you an award on my page. I picked you as a Versatile Blogger! Come by and pick it up :-)

Jackie O said...

My husband and I went to Farm for our anniversary dinner. The food is AMAZING. I'll have to keep the Inn in mind for when we do an anniversary trip!

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