Thursday, August 5, 2010

Four Times the Awesomeness in One Post

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Something happened this morning that made me stand in my bathroom and cry for a minute. In a good way! I have not one but four fabulous things to talk about that have all banded together to make today beyond fabulous so let’s get to it!

Here is how I did yesterday:
Burned 3024 calories – barely made it but I made it!!
Consumed 1475 calories
Deficit of 1549 calories

Awesome thing 1 – 3000 calories burned!!!!!
I know from reading a lot of your blogs…some of you are there multiple times a week. However, my metabolism is just trucking along right where it is, and is definitely not helping as much as I’d like! Those calories included a lunchtime hike, a walk with Husbandcake and a half hour of Wii Fit. That’s a lot of being active for one day, especially a weekday, and I do believe that when I go for this again…I will do it on a weekend!

Even better than the fact that I burned 3000 calories is the fact that I still feel good today. In general I think the thing holding me back from doing it is the time constraints. I have so much I want to do in my day, and a lot of time getting quality exercising in means cutting out one or two of those things I am excited about. But like I said, I’ll get to it on a weekend day and it will be like nothing! I know I can do it again and hopefully make it a regular thing to burn this many calories in a day and feel this great about it often.

Awesome thing 2 – Detox success!!!!
I feel great after four days of doing really well. I had one slip up, I don’t even want to talk about it. Here I am all excited about getting chemicals out of me and one of the days I just popped a piece of gum in my mouth. Sugar free gum, all chemicals, all everything. But hey it’s a small price to pay for feeling so great now, so I’m not even going to worry about it.

I love my month long eating plan. It is going to ease me back into something closer to my “normal” eating habits, but I’ve made it all complicated so that if I get to a point and think – you know what, I’m just not sure I need red meat more than once a month – then I just won’t have it. Oh my goodness, I can’t even tell you all how much I’m hoping that happens.

Awesome thing 3 – On the edge!!!!!
So if you’re wondering what made me cry, it was this

There really aren’t words to describe how it makes me feel to see that so I’m just going to hope that you all understand, even if that’s not the number that will make you feel that way, even if you haven’t gotten there yet. But in my head I’m separating my feelings into two parts…the first being that I am happy and I am allowing myself to revel in my happiness and my weight loss. I’ve lost about 47 pounds since January of 2009 – about 20 since I started blogging and being serious about it…through all of the changing scales, big losses, small losses, and the week I gained and it hit home today that I’m actually doing something. I’m getting somewhere. It’s easy to say “oh I’m 0.4 pounds up/down from yesterday” but this is a huge milestone number for me.

My other thought is, I am all prepared today to call around, find a wonderful spa and go have a pampering myself day (my reward for getting under 200 lbs). But I’m not 100% ready to admit I’m there. I'm going to wait to celebrate until I can be under 200 at the end of the day, after dinner, all of that.  When I'm under 200 pounds all the time - I will be all over that reward!!

Awesome thing 4 – I feel like a different person!
The combination of the first three awesome things have led to me looking at myself today. My arms, my fingers, my face, just looking. I’m really different. People keep telling me to post a new picture of me in that long dress that is my profile picture and I do think it’s time to bust it out and look at the differences in myself, so expect that soon.

I can't get enough of noticing the differences.  I can't believe what I've done in two months...why didn't I ever try this hard before?  What a fabulous day.  I hope you are all out there as happy as I am!!


Anonymous said...

Kyoko! You are doing AWESOME!!! Keep it up, this is a lifestyle change!!!

erose34 aka. Elizabeth

Cukiemunstr said...

What a great thing to see! I would have cried too! :)

Amy Jo said...

OH MY GOSH. First, I teared up a bit when I saw it, because I can just imagine what you were feeling. And I'm so proud of you! Amazing.
Second, I clicked on the picture to see a close up of your toes. That's a CUTE pedicure, girlie!

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

Congratulations!! I remember hitting 199 and it was amazing. Jumping up and down for you!

Ice Queen said...

Enjoy and relish every bit of the awesome. You have earned it.

I spy with my little eye a 1 as your first number!!!!! Go, you!

Raegun said...

What an AMAZING day!! You must be so proud of all you accomlished. Congratulations! It is definitely time to celebrate. You are such an inspriation.

Brigitte said...

You go girl!! I am so proud of you. I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings! You totally rock!

Christine said...

Congrats! What a wonderful success!

(A spa day was totally my most recent reward for a weight-loss success! I get to cash in on the spa day in a week or two! WOOT!)

Jenn said...

Congrats! I cannot wait for the day my scale reads a 1 as the first number! I totally understand the excitement!

Only 40lbs stand between me and that day!

Go pamper yourself!

CJ said...

Awesome times four!!! Way to go :)

Jackie O said...

Congrats on this milestone Kyoko!! I am so excited for you. And I love the new background (sorry if you changed this a while ago but I usually read your blog in my google reader). Yay!!!! You are doing so great!

Midori Mighty Warrior said...

So wonderful, Kyoko! I can't wait for my scale to read the same thing - I totally understand how you feel!

Congratulations! You are awesome!

Spaghetti Cat said...

Oh my gosh, i know I am late to this post but CONGRATS GIRL! On EVERYTHING! I am so ecstatic that you are just doing so well! And its nice to see you are actually eating :P

Don;t every forget that you earned this, revel in it! You rock! Keep on fighting the good fight girl!

Anonymous said...

My heart skipped a beat for you! I am patiently awaiting the day I see 199 on my scale. You have worked so hard to get there, you totally deserve it! Congrats.

Jen Lindstrom said...

Oh MY!!!!!! I am SO Happy for you! I can't wait till that day! I too would cry, LOL. You are doing amazing! And you do deserve a little extra special treatment! Keep up the amazing work!

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