Friday, August 27, 2010

Very Happy Friday!!

Here is a list of things that are making me especially happy today.

1. I’m wearing pants – or at least I was when I got to work (changed into my walking skirt for the walk!).

Those of you who have been with me from the beginning will remember that I don’t wear pants. These are those pants that I bought in March, except they’re looser now and I was not wearing either of those suuuuuuper gross body shapers that are so awful and uncomfortable. I got so many comments already from coworkers and I felt really good about the way I look, to the point that maybe just maybe I will wear the pants a little more often. Of course…I did still wish I was wearing a dress, old habits are hard to break!

2. Surprise goat cheese
Yeah…we had a meeting this morning and I kept trying to repeat to myself that I’d only eat healthy stuff today. And then I saw the quiche. Oh, my friends, if I could explain to you how much I love quiche. So I took a little slice, and on my first bite there was goat cheese. Which is one of my very favorite things. I had to have a second slice. I’m giving myself lego blocks for not having the one with bacon though!
3. Good friends
Especially today it’s making me happy to have good friends to vent to. Friends who know that whatever is driving you insane that second might not matter tomorrow and they see the whole picture and keep things in perspective. Also friends who vent to you and YOU are the one that knows that they don’t really mean things and you can keep it in perspective too.

4. My rings are loose
My guess is that within the next 5-10 pounds I’ll have to get them sized down! I may have to do that more than once but I can’t handle not wearing them for however many months it takes me to reach my goal. Plus I have the best jeweler in the world, so any excuse to visit him makes me happy.

5. Last lunchtime walk
Last OFFICIAL lunchtime walk that is. It was a great one. I hadn’t walked up the big hill in I think a week or so, so it felt really good. I kept up with Elizabeth (or maybe it was just that we were the only two!) and I was out of breath a lot but felt really good.

6. My Bodybugg!
I recently redid my whole Bodybugg program. For awhile I had my goal weight in there as 120, changed it to 150, but there is a smaller, more happy goal that I will share with you guys when I get there (should only be a month or so away) and I get SO much more excited seeing that I’m so close to it. I feel like I should set a new goal for every 4 pounds just so I can really see all that progress.
’ve been “off” of cake so long, I am not about to end my cakeless streak with just any old grocery store bad icing confection. Oh no. I have had an inkling for a few days (I guess that birthday cake that was in the office really DID get to me!) that I want cake and I am planning to do it the right way, with amazing cake, with fabulous people. At American Cupcake where I will replace a lunch with a flight of cupcakes paired with wine. Cannot imagine. Also their mixed drinks look delightful and amazing. Champagne with sprinkles? Yes please, sign me up! I deserve a treat…so keep your fingers crossed that it works out for me!!

8.  It’s making me happy to see people entering to win the $100 gas card. Come on you guys, who wouldn’t appreciate the extra $100…so enter!


Raegun said...

I'm the complete opposite of you...grew up a total tomboy and hated wearing anything remotely girly until highschool when my uniform (kilt) forced me to get over it! I stopped wearing skirts and dresses as I put on weight and would love nothing more to get back into them again. For now, it's pants, pants, pants! ;)

Brigitte said...

Look at you hotness!! I am so proud of you!

Katie J said...

Yay for wearing pants! You look great and how wonderful that you got such positive feedback.

Keep up the good work!

Erin said...

You look awesome!!! :) I'm glad that felt good and that you had such an all around good day!

Crystal said...

Oh how I would love to feel confident in skirts and dresses! I'm a bit of the opposite I guess. It's almost always pants or shorts here. :) Although, I do have two very light and airy ankle length flowy skirts that I just adore. So they are the exception to the rule. :)

I think having small goals is a wonderful idea. The excitement of reaching them is amazing. I have 5lb goals set. :D I love reaching a goal!

Tammy said...

First time stopping by and I am glad that I did.

I think the pants look great/slimming on you. I would love to wear a dress or skirt someday. I haven't worn one since my honeymoon just about 12 years ago, and then probably another 5 to 7 years prior to that. I'm too big for dresses, they just don't flatter me at all. Okay, who am I kidding, pants don't look so great on me either, but in my mind's eye they do by far.

A lunch consisting of cupcakes? Now you're talking. It's probably a very good thing that I don't have or know of a great cupcake shop around here. Enjoy

Anonymous said...

I'm like Raegun. I grew up wearing pants. I hate dresses. However, one of my major non scale goals is to feel comfortable enough to wear a dress.

Midori Mighty Warrior said...

Wow, you look fantastic! :)

MargieAnne said...

It's so much fun to have a change of style and you look great.

Thanks for following my Blog. I can't think why I hadn't subscribed to yours until now.

You are so close to reaching your goal and I'm glad you plan a little cupcake fun. Life is for living.


Jen Lindstrom said...

Wow! You are looking amazing! I have missed reading you for 2 weeks! I should be back and over the next few days getting caught up on old blogs. Keep up the amazing work! You inspire me to keep going!

KyokoCake said...

You ladies are so amazing, and I swear sometime I'm going to host a seminar called Put On A Dress You Don't Look Bad Like You Think And You Will Feel So Girly And Fabulous!

@Rae - I think I'm just shaped wrong for pants, I feel like an egg with toothpick legs!!

@Crystal - I feel the same way about pants, would love to feel it is I do really love my legs so dresses (and I'll wear some pretty short ones!) are the only way to go for me!

Tammy - I would think that living near the places I do there would be more cupcake joints...I especially love the ones with "weird" and fun flavors...but as it is I have to go into San's about 40 minutes away I guess, to have some good stuff - just keep your fingers crossed that it's worth it!!!

@Jen - I always miss your blog when you're not around or I'm too busy to read!! Glad you're back!!!

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