Friday, June 25, 2010

Awesome Dream Weekend Ahead!

Hello my AWESOME readers, how are you today??  I am having a great morning so far, there's something about starting the day out on a hopeful tone that reminds me I can make any day positive or negative, even though I have no bearing on anyone but me.  So today is going to be a positive day, and I am going to get everything imaginable done!

Here is how I did yesterday:
Burned 2742 calories
Consumed 1566 calories
Deficit of 1176 calories

I love seeing over one thousand there in my deficit.  NEVER gets old.  Although I'd love to see huge deficits and numbers like 3000-3500 every day (oh my gosh, I actually yawned as I was typing perfect) I am really happy with how I've been doing.

I'm sore this morning from the walk at work yesterday - just barely.  Not nearly as bad as Wednesday when I was wabbling around (the new word for half hobbling and half waddling) all day but I could definitely use a massage or something!  The walk yesterday went a lot better than the first day, but I still hate that I feel like someone has to hang back and walk slowly because I can't keep up.

I touched really briefly the other day on portion sizes and how I just used to eat too much food.  I thought about it again last night as I ate too much without realizing it.  I measured out my food but I just thought, it doesn't look like enough.  Ugh - it was more than enough.  It still seemed like such a small amount of food, and I think it was more that I had trouble listening to myself and knowing when I was full.  So although I had every intention of running last night it didn't happen.  And I'm doubly disappointed because I was so excited when I did my first C25K run and I haven't gone since!  I know I've been busy but it just kind of sucks that I haven't gone ahead and made the time to do it.

Isn't it so odd to feel like you are right on track but to feel like you aren't doing it right at the same time?  I need to find a way to run more, to ride my bike more, to walk longer distances at home.  So here is my plan, my plan for today to be amazing and this weekend too:

While I'm at work Husbandcake will magically find a white iPhone in stock and have it charged for me by the time I get home (hey I didn't say everything had to be realistic!), then he'll buy his bike too and my little basket.  I will come home from work feeling just fabulous from my walk which I did quickly and take a shower, then go run far-away errands, then come home and bike to the nearby errands.  I will come home to news that my two friends who have applied for jobs in the past couple of weeks both got amazing jobs with no weekend hours at double what they are making now.  I will cook and eat a delicious healthy dinner and then I will get a quick run in tomorrow morning and keep moving all day while preparing for my party...which is not a party so much as me wanting a couple of my friends to meet each other who don't live in the same area.  But I am making healthy awesome food and we are going to have I get to call it a party if I want! :)  Finally on Sunday I am going to go on a six mile walk.  Leisurely, if I have to but 6 miles and no wimping out!!  It will end on Monday with me weighing myself and being forty pounds lighter than last week.  Haha!

Oh, what an awesome weekend!!  I can't wait to have it and I hope the majority of it comes true.  So now all that's left...will you guys tell me about your awesome dream weekend that is about to happen??  I would love to hear it!


Vicki said...

I love to read your blog- inspiring and cute :)

Gail R said...

Hi :)

Just found you on the fat to fit blog hop- hello!


My dream weekend consists of actually getting out of the house lol... no big huge fantasies.. getting out would do it hehe. Not been doing so well health wise but the weight's started coming off yeay! Love slimming world... even if I can't move about I seem to lose weight


I loooove da cake! it's my daughter's birthday next week and I was worried that I'd dive into the cake headfirst after spending 9 weeks completely 100 percent on plan... so when she was choosing her cake I steered her away from my nemesis of chocolate and onto sponge with that white icing on (euw)so I'll not really be tempted to have more than a small slice.... now her choosing Pizza Hut... that will be the problem ;)

...but one day out of 10 weeks isn't going to put all 31 pounds back on me... is it?

*looks worried*

I love your blog!

G xxx

p.s. sorry this little message turned into war and peace somehow

*slinks off*

KyokoCake said...

@Vicki - thank you :) that's really sweet!

@gail r - your comment made me giggle! I hope you did get out of the house, my problem ended up being too much time out of the house which makes for a very sleepy KyokoCake.

I think one day wth cake is a fabulous idea...and only one slice, as long as you appreciate its cakey deliciousness lol!

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