Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Nothing profound today...I'm sick.  I woke up this morning with stomach cramps and worse.  Can't imagine what I ate that was so bad, but it was something.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that I feel better later, because there are things I want to DO today, darnit!  Not to mention I don't like missing work, because every once in awhile in my line of work there are emergencies and I absolutely worry that it will happen when I'm out.

Here is how I did yesterday:
Burned 2378 calories
Consumed 1436 calories
Deficit of 942 calories

I have pretty bad chronic stomach problems so this isn't too new for me and I am confident that I can go back to sleep and be ok enough by this afternoon.  But in the meantime, I really miss Husbandcake (think that makes it worse) and I am going to try to sleep this off!!  I hope you are all feeling better than me!


Spaghetti Cat said...

Sorry to hear you are not feeling well, I hope you get to feeling better soon!

Katie J said...

Sorry you are feeling funky. I used to have A LOT of belly issues but since I have lost the weight they have gone WAY down.

Sarah said...

Hope you feel better girlfriend!

Amy Jo said...

So sorry you're feeling sick! :( I, too, am sick. I left work halfway through my day. :( Too bad we can't wallow together.
Anyway, I hope you feel better. Being sick is no fun!

Mae Flowers said...

Hope you're feeling better! There's nothing worse than being sick w/o hubby there to comfort you. :(

Sue Bacon said...

"There's nothing worse than being sick w/o hubby there to comfort you. :("

Wow, can you say hyperbole?

karen said...

Hope you're feeling better!!!
I've got an award waiting for you on my blog ... that might at least perk you up a little :)

KyokoCake said...

You guys are so sweet!! I was very happily feeling better around noon and actually got some good errands done which was great. I almost find that being sick was a blessing in that I really needed the little break from work!!

KyokoCake said...

@Katie J I am hoping they start to go away soon too!! It's all a reminder that even in moderation some stuff is going to mess up my system if I've been eating all healthy all the time!

@Amy Jo I hope you are feeling better today!!!

@Mae Flowers I completely agree. In the moment you are just so dejected and honestly he's really pampering when I'm sick and I definitely missed that yesterday!

@Karen yay!! You're so sweet, I am all excited now!

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