Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bodybugg Love

New Recipe Tuesday was a COMPLETE AND DELICIOUS SUCCESS!!  And it is 100% thanks to you all.  We had orange ginger sesame chicken and rice, and then the banana ice cream I mentioned yesterday.  I almost cannot wait for next Tuesday.  The best part?  I felt SO happy food wise yesterday, yet I had the least amount of calories I think I've ever had in a day!  Also to clarify, I know it seems awful to not eat veggies with dinner but I get all of my fruits and vegetables in throughout the day so I'm definitely not missing out!

Here is how I did yesterday:
Burned 2474 calories
Consumed 914 calories - and people this includes a lovely, splurgey afternon snack of a truffle cheese quesadilla, which was by itself more calories than my dinner!
Deficit of 1560 calories!!!

Ok I am SO HAPPY with myself today.  And I am really, really happy to be writing it all down in this blog because at the end of the day when I'm craving super greasy fried rice with barbecued fatty pork and all that crap that is so bad for me - I tend to forget how awesome it feels to have baked chicken and go to enter my calories and feel like this.  But now I get to go back and read this blog and remember that I really truly was happier.

Before I get on with what I want to talk about today I wanted to thank Karen for getting my blog out there :) that was so sweet!  And I am especially excited about it because I've found a few that I really like through you posting them and it's fabulous to be in the company of those other awesome bloggers!

I completely debated whether or not to discuss my Bodybugg on here because I don't want to seem one dimensional and it's certainly not the only tool I'm using for my weight loss - but in my real life I always want to share awesome things.  I will tell absolutely everyone that they should go to my hairstylist, my favorite Italian place, or get my favorite breed of dog (no seriously, get a corgi...right now!).  It's because I LOVE pre-tested things :) Yelp is like my dream come true.  But back to the Bodybugg, if you watch Biggest Loser you've probably already heard about it and you can just tune out the next 2 paragraphs...

It's basically a little device on an armband that has these sensors, I am not even going to attempt to understand what they do, it's some combo of movement, how hot you are, your heart rate, anyway it calculates how many calories you are burning throughout the day.  Then you go plug it into your computer, input your food and it gives you all these charts and graphs of how you did throughout the day.

My yesterday - I have my targets set at 1500 calories to eat and 2500 to burn
but all I really care about is getting the right deficit!

It just really takes the guesswork out - which is this really great thing for my OCD.  It holds me completely accountable and I find myself plugging it in several times a day at work and at home (the program is web based) to see how good or bad I'm doing and adjust for it the rest of my day.  You can also track times and steps and other stuff:

The highlighted part shows that in my lunch break I burned almost 200 calories - yay!

 I don't usually count steps but I just love graphs so I felt like including it.

So that's pretty much what you hear me yammering on about. It's awesome, although I'm not sure it would be AS awesome if you don't love keeping track of things as much as I do.  And you definitely only get out what you put in!

I feel like I'm rambling on and on but I'm still going to talk just a bit more.  I know I'm just growing into this blog and realizing what it's like to write and hopefully help someone out the way the ones I read are helping me so much - but I have to say that in the past week and a half I feel so different about losing weight.  When I started my job and started losing those 30 pounds last was was nice.  But not like this.  It was a chore, I was annoyed about doing it and it was just a lot for me.  Now it seems easy, amazing and fabulous and I feel like I owe it to every single person reading this - whether you know me in real life or not.  You guys have kept a smile on my face (even bigger than the one from stepping on the scale this morning and seeing another half pound gone since Monday!) and I am REALLY grateful to all of you.  Now go be happy the rest of the day knowing that you personally have made someone else's life better!!


Spaghetti Cat said...

Sounds like you had an awesome day yesterday! Did you like the ice cream??

The body bugg sounds interesting, I am a bit OCD too, maybe I will get myself one as a present when i hit 150 or something (I hear they aren't cheap ; )

have a great day!

KyokoCake said...

They definitely are not cheap but I know Costco sells them for a good price! I LOVED the ice cream and so did Husbandcake - we are definitely planning to make it a regular thing!! Hope your day is going well too!

Katie J said...

They have them at Costco??? OMG I had no idea. Thanks for that and I will update my review.

Isn't blogging wonderful!

Jennifer said...

Hi. I saw you posted on my blog today, so thank you for that! But what is crazy is that when I started reading yours I was so excited that you were talking about the bodybugg. I spent a bunch of time researching it just last night! I would really like one but not sure it is in the finances right now. I am about to go off Medifast so it would be a great tool for me!
Also, I can totally relate to feeling different about losing weight. I lost 40 lbs last year and I too thought it was a hassle. I hated to exercise. Dreaded it. But now it is different and even though the weight is now coming off very slow( i even had a gain this morning) I still have a positive attitude about it! And for me, this is a miracle. I like working out now and regardless of what the scale says I am going to keep doing it!

Glad I found your blog. I will definately be following.


KyokoCake said...

@Katie J - they sell out fast but when you can find them they're cheap!

@Jennifer - Thanks :) I'm happy you are here too!! And I hope you are able to get a bodybugg soon, they really are awesome. Katie J mentioned too that you can find them on Craigslist or Ebay so keep an eye out and hopefully you can get a good deal!

karen said...

Tom got my first BodyBugg for me off ebay. Still the most awesome gift ever!!! I covered the upgrade but I still get a little giddy when I think back to him knowing that it was something I would want and wouldn't just get for myself the first time :)

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