Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'm angry, but grateful, and...maybe not angry after all

To get the negativity out of the way up front and right now, I hate today so far!  I woke up with like a sore throat, very sniffly, my hair would not cooperate, got in the car late and had an allergy attack on the way to work, and now I just feel all stopped up and puffy eyed.  Uncool!!  I had hoped to be more active today out of the house but it is just not going to happen unless I have a magical recovery.

Here is how I did yesterday:
Burned 2253 calories
Consumed 1283 calories
Deficit of 970 calories - I hate almost making my deficit, I think that after dinner I'm going to start plugging in my Bodybugg and seeing if I am almost at 1000.  It wouldn't have taken me long to burn that extra 30 calories!

I was starving this morning when I got to work.  Not normal-oh I'm hungry for breakfast feelings but serious stomach growling ready to eat everything in sight hungry.  I am super lucky in that my company provides us with all of the tools for an awesome breakfast - in addition to coffee and tea we get various V8 products (blech, not my thing), sometimes free juice, yogurt, Cheerios, oatmeal, granola and fresh fruit.  Also sometimes energy or protein bars.  So you can never complain that you're hungry (or that you forgot your lunch!) because there's always something.

Back to this morning.  My breakfast of choice is usually blackberry pomegranite yogurt with a cup of Cheerios mixed in - gives it a nice crunch but is FAR healthier than granola, and 210 calories is a nice way to start off the day.  But this morning, it's only an hour later and I already feel hungry again!  Now I'm not going to pretend this is my first day ever of feeling like this.  However this is my first day of feeling like this while trying not to give into the temptation of those delicious bags of Cheetos that I happen to know made their way into the break room.  I also know from experience, that it does not matter what I eat.  I will be feeling this way all day regardless of what I do or don't eat.

So how do I get through it??  I feel whiny and irritable and wanting to give in because I feel sick.  I want to snap out of it!

Here I want to mention that I walked away from the blog for an hour because I had a few time sensitive things to take care of...but I'm glad I did because it reminded me of something I used to do that made me SO HAPPY at a time that I was just an unhappy, unpleasant person.  I am going to tell you about five things that I am so grateful for today, and then spend the day concentrating on those things because they are more important than sniffles, more important than hunger which isn't so much hunger as it is frustration that makes me want to eat (if that even makes sense!).

Here we go!
1.  Husbandcake - I have literally the best husband ever.  Yesterday I was feeling tired from doing my Wii Fit stuff and he started getting hungry...and just ended up cooking me dinner.  It was so sweet and just reminds me of what kind of person he is.  He just doesn't mind doing anything to take stress off of me and that is such a rare and underappreciated quality.  Also, it does not at all hurt that he thinks I "deserve" everything - I mean everything from fancy jewelry to foot rubs to never having to kill bugs.  I'm too spoiled!
Yes, those are Husbandcake's hot Asian buns :)

2.  Nice People - I absolutely love nice people.  People who are exactly what I want to be like.  I know the very nicest people in the world, and I just have felt completely surrounded by them the past few weeks.

2.  Wii Fit - Recently rediscovered, I realized that it's a great way to work out because I am horrible at every single activity, yoga pose, and game.  And doing the exercises you burn calories, definitely - and you can't help but laugh at yourself, which is awesome because laughing burns calories too! ;)

3.  Blogs - Every 15 minute break, or when I'm resting at home this is my new favorite thing.  I love to read blogs.  I cannot get enough of peoples' stories and what they're going through and I feel like I could just read all day!
5.  Bikes - I'm getting my bike today!!  I was looking online and found one on sale that's kinda vintagey cream color with pink on it, I love it!  I have a few others written down since I'm going to a bike shop I'm just going to ask about them and choose the best one.  It's so funny that Husbandcake is like - get me whatever is cheapest, not a kids bike and not too stupid looking.  And I am here looking at every website thinking about which pink is the cutest, I'm gonna need a basket to take my dog Potato out in, and all these silly things!
Cute right??

Ok!  I am ready to get on with my day...that actually worked exactly how I wanted it to and I'm feeling a ton better.  Still hungry but I think I'm gonna eat my orange and think about all the awesome things going on right now!


Anonymous said...

That bike is sooo cute!!!

Spaghetti Cat said...

I agree super cute! I love your positive spin! Very good attitude. I hope the rest of your day is much better and you start feeling better!

Katie J said...

I laugh every time that I do the Wii! I do see improvement though which is good.

LOL @ Husbandcakes hot buns!

Cute bike! I have a Pink Schwinn Beach Cruiser.

Elizabeth said...

yay on bikes and positive redirection! (and who in the world snuck Cheetos into your office?)

Husbandcakes really needs to go try out bikes on his own if he is looking as he is, uhm, unusually shaped? That actually applies to anyone getting a bike--go to a bike store and test ride it. Just because some chart says it may fit you, it might not.

As an FYI, Sports Basement coupons apply to bikes. If they don't have what you want but have it at another store, they can ship it over.

Also, the word verification for this post is "water." Drink some!

KyokoCake said...

Thanks all! The more I look at the bike the more I totally love it :) not feeling any better health wise but mentally, MUCH better!!!

@E we were sitting around wondering where else to look for bikes so I'm glad for the suggestion, we'll probably head over there after work...any chance if he finds something that you have an extra coupon lying around??

Natalia said...

I like the bike a LOT! :) Good for you on flipping your day around to a positive note. I'll have to remember that little trick.

Do you love your body bugg? It sounds like a cool little gadget!

SlenderSwan2B said...

Love the hot buns pic LOL I prefer the indoor bike but that one is CAYUTE! :)

Chibi Jeebs said...

Oh, I *hate* days like that! They're so frustrating, and they always freak me out because somehow I forget that they've happened - and STOPPED - before.

Love the bike!

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