Monday, June 14, 2010

Complete Emotional Mess

I cannot even describe my yesterday in its entirety to you.  It was up and down and I had a crazy episode and even now I have absolutely no idea what was going on in my head!  I think I was stressed because I knew Husbandcake was leaving this morning on a business trip and I would be all alone until Thursday (ok not alone, I have great friends and actually am now booked every day to do something with one of them).  But it was really one of those days that normally I would find solace in an ice cream cone.

...and I did :) and it was delicious!

Here is how I did yesterday:
Burned 2804 calories
Consumed 1113 calories
Defecit of 1691 calories!!

So even though the ice cream cone was more calories than any of my actual meals I did really well!

The highlights of my day, starting with the crazyness...we went out to the grocery store for a quick trip and when I come back inside the house my dog Potato does not come greet me right away, so right of the bat I feel like something is wrong.  My other dogs are right there and happy, but I'm all freaked out and I go to look for her and instead I find in the bedroom a burr and a little bit of blood.  She picks up burrs in the backyard a lot, no matter how much yard work we do she still manages to find more and get them stuck all over her (she has long hair).  The burrs that she picks up are those round kind:

That's the closest picture I could find!

 So right now my mind is racing.  It's like maybe 4-5 drops of blood max, but in my head she's got a burr stuck in her paw and she's really hurt, bleeding to death and I'm actually running around the house just crying and imagining the worst.  Like a crazy person!!  Anyway it didn't even take me that long to find her but I was freaking out so much that Husbandcake had to search her for where she was bleeding, he couldn't find any place and our other dogs and the cats were just's kind of a mystery where the blood came from but looking back at it, it certainly did NOT warrant me sobbing uncontrollably for five minutes.

I mean look at her, she's so precious!!

And immediately after that I turn around and meet my friends for lunch.  They are this awesome couple that we know because I used to work with the wife, and they are expecting.  Actually, they are REALLY expecting like at the hospital right as I'm typing this (she's in labor but they might send her home if she's not quite ready yet).  Well we met in the parking lot and of course she is like, are you crying?  And I didn't have time to think up a reason that a normal person might have been like sobbing their eyes out randomly so I just told her what happened and we shared a laugh over how silly I was!

From there my day pretty much turned around.  We ate at that same place I had the humongous hamburger the day before (there are three restaurants in downtown Clayton, which is only about 2 minutes from our house so we end up eating at those three places pretty often).  And I think I made up for the hamburger.  Got a mandarin chicken salad, which turned out to be delicious and very low calorie - I mean there wasn't even salt or pepper on the chicken, barely any dressing, which is exactly how I like it.  And it was pretty, I should have taken a picture so you could all be jealous!!  I felt a ton better.

Then we went to run errands including getting new flip flops because my puppy chewed up my favorite pair, and that's okay because I looooove new flip flops!  It's the little things...
Our puppy and second corgi Chips, although Chomps would have been more appropriate!

Finally once we were back home I just felt like working out...we had thought about going to the nicer place downtown for dinner because on Sundays they make these home style dishes and they're cheap and all, but I just got really into exercising and we decided to go do that next week instead.  It was an awesome feeling to make that choice!!  Working out over dinner out?  Old KyokoCake would never have done that!

That was a seriously rambling blog post.  But it's over now except weigh in!
Starting weight: 216

Last week's weight: 214.5
Current weight: 213 (215.2 for purposes of next week)
Goal weight: 120
Weekly goal: Work out during my lunch break 3 times this week in addition to regular workouts, and keep trying to drink more water, which I totally failed to do this week!

Woo hoo!! Another pound and a half!!  Also I am changing scales so I weighed on both scales this morning. I am so glad I did that because they're all so different, and I would have otherwise been really depressed to see that 215.2 on the new scale looking back at me.  But I love my new scale, and I hate how my old one is digital but only shows you in half pounds, what is that about??

So at least I had that happy time to take into today, because I always get a really bad case of the blahs when Husbandcake is gone.  I absolutely hate it, and I'm so happy that I have my friends around to keep me company but of course nothing makes up for not having your husband around!  I hope you all have wonderful Mondays and hug your pets!!


Spaghetti Cat said...

Congrats on the loss! Glad your puppy is okay :)

hang in there he will be back before you know it!

Jen Lindstrom said...

I totally understand having "crazy" times and sad moments and happy ones all mixed into one day! I tend to have a lot of those days and I find myself having more now that I am dieting! You are doing a great job! BTW I love your new bike! I need one of those! I am glad I get to follow your blog while i too try to lose weight...cause seeing other people and how there life is and how they can go "crazy" sometimes makes me realize I am not alone...LOL.

Ally said...

congrats on the loss! sadly your current weight is my goal weight pretty much.

every single change we make is a big deal. example, once in a while, hubs and i go out to breakfast. now, i no longer have potatoes, i always substitute sliced tomato and skip the meat and get veggie egg whites and rye toast dry. little baby steps. right?

and our pets are our children. :)

KyokoCake said...

@Spaghetti Cat - Thanks!! His trips always are shorter than I think, but it is crazy how hard it is to pack his clothes and all his stuff!

@Jen - I was amazed at how many awesome cruiser bikes there are out there!! You should definitely go get an awesome one, then we can be excited together lol!!

@Ally - There is nothing sad about that at ALL! I keep seeing people on the blogs having exactly the same problems as me even though they're 50-80 pounds lighter :-P

Good tips about breakfast though!! Husbandcake loooooves going out to breakfast but I've been hesitant because I don't know if I can resist the allure of all those unhealthy breakfasty things I love so much!

fatgirl_vs_world said...

it's hilarious that your corgi is named chips --

my neighbor has 2 corgis -- chips and salsa

Elizabeth said...

Now you totally have to get another chihuahua mix and name it salsa as it has been recommended from several independent sources. We can send a notarized note to Husbandcakes. I now have a cheap notary source who can be paid in beer!

Mae Flowers said...

Awesome calorie defecit! So proud of you for making healthy choices! :)

KellyNY said...

Congrats on the loss! And thanks so much for your comments on my blog - I really appreciate it. So glad the pooch is ok - I am doggy mom too. I love how you call ur DH husbandcake - it's great!

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