Sunday, June 13, 2010

Feeling Super Gross

Mentally and physically I feel so BLEH this morning.  Mostly physically, that cheeseburger is not sitting well in my stomach.  Mentally I am waverying between feeling a little guilty about eating poorly, and being really excited about going on a long bike ride today!

Here is how I did yesterday:
Burned 2443 calories
Consumed 1998 calories
Deficit of 445 calories

I used to just be happy with a deficit but I was not happy yesterday.  I was feeling lazy and was doing my Wii Fit just so that I could make sure I got a few of those cheeseburger calories off but it did not relieve this stomach achey nonsense!

I am not one for beating myself up usually so it's not like that...actually it was a really weird revelation.  For the most part when I eat unhealthy things, it's totally ok with me.  I don't want to eat ANYTHING unless the taste/experience/whatever is worth the calories.  I'm a really logical numbers based person so I just have to quantify it.  For me....cake is worth it (most of the time), so is rice, but chips are not worth it, they do not taste good enough to make me ok with how bad they are.  Little judgments like that make up my eating day.

And in my opinion when you want a GOOD non fast food cheeseburger and you take that first bite, it is completely worth it.

Guess what?  NOT ANYMORE!  The way my stomach has felt is like having fast food.  Husbandcake and I have rarely eaten fast food in the past few years and when we do our systems are not used to it, it just leads to a night of feeling really gross.  And I realied that I feel the same way now about that huge cheeseburger.  Another thing to cross of on my list of unhealthy things I want to eat, and I think that is a good thing.  So I at least learned a lesson from it!

And moving on to awesome things, I cannot WAIT to go on my bike ride.  Waiting to hear back from a friend and wanting to potentially go get a bike for Husbandcake today, that will determine when/where I go riding later.  I want to ride down to the local bike shop and get a basket that I can rig up for this little girl to come along with me:

This is Potato, one of my three dogs and definitely the most spoiled favorite! :)

All right I've been lazy enough - time to get up, make some HEALTHY breakfast choices and get on with my potentially fabulous day!!


Ally said...

hi! i'm new to your blog and love it. i love cake, i love your design and i love that you refer to your hubs as husbandcake! ha ha! so cute!

i think we're all guilty of beating ourselves up from "cheating" or whatever term you want to use.

ironically i too have been so good about avoiding fast food but i forced my hubs to pull into a drive thru last night due to bad pms. my staple is a happy meal remembering it is like 13 points or something from my old ww days.

your dog is adorable!

Mae Flowers said...

I know how you feel about the hamburger situation. After eating some unhealthy foods, I feel the same way and it's inspiration enough to want to lose weight and eat healthier! Cute puppy!

Miz said...


did you grab ahold of the potential fabulousity and make it a great day??

here's to a good week ahead for us as well.

all of us.


KyokoCake said...

@Ally - thanks! When I did eat fast food it was ALWAYS happy meals for me, thinking about it now it almost seems gross but sometimes you just NEED those fries!!

@Mae Flowers - there has been no better inspiration than that stomach ache! It actually worked out really well in the end!

@Miz - I've been lucky, no matter how bad days start for me for the past few weeks they've always ended REALLY well!! :) hope you have an awesome week too!

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