Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Bike!!

So I didn't want to post this until I actually had it in my possession but I keep babbling about this bicycle issue I've been having.  I had posted a picture of the bike I wanted and then in my blog yesterday said that it was sold out - well when I got home from work Husbandcake had a surprise for me!!

He had called about 30 bike shops all throughout the bay area looking to see if anyone had it in stock and finally found one almost an hour and a half for me.  So last night, after getting home late and taking care of drunk me, he woke me up early this morning and drove me to get my new perfect bike!!!

It's all retro and cute...and that's me wearing one of two pairs of pants that I found in my garage in give-away bags.  I'm thinking I either have to get a couple of lighter pairs of pants or some nice looking exercise pants that I'd feel comfortable running errands out in public in.  I would do shorts but...I randomly hate shorts.

The people at the bike shop must have thought I was crazy just taking a picture of it in the parking lot!  And we barely got it into the back of our Prius but now it's home safe and sound.  I have to head out to find a helmet for it but then I'll be bike riding everywhere.  I know I babble about how great Husbandcake is but really...REALLY? Calling that many places just to find the right bike!!  It makes me feel so loved and so happy.

I made horrible food choices today and even though tonight I've had a bit of exercise I don't think I'll make up for the SIXTEEN HUNDRED CALORIE cheeseburger I had for a late lunch/dinner.  I don't even know what I was thinking, I let myself go almost the whole day without eating (it was my only meal along with a snack in the morning and a smoothie at my knitting meetup) and I was so hungry I was not thinking straight - so several awful choices led up to eating it.  And even though it was delicious I find myself really wishing that I had stopped in at the grocery store and gotten something fresh rather than the bar and grill.  Oh well - tomorrow I get another day to eat food that is a ton better for me.  And tomorrow being the day before weigh in day I want to eat awesome food and feel good and energized at the end of the day!

Hope you all had good days today, I have like 8 billion blogs to go read and catch up on now!


Spaghetti Cat said...

Yay for the super cute bike and awesome husband!

Tomorrow is a new day!

Natalia said...

You got the bike, you got the bike!!! YAY!!!! :) When I saw the pic of it, it made me smile!!! :)

KyokoCake said...

Thank you!! I am hoping to go on a long ride today and maybe even get out and get HusbandCake a bike too! It will be a good day :)

Ally said...

that is an adorable bike. i think my friend had one like that and called it a cruiser. anything retro in my book is tops. you look so happy :) go you!

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