Monday, June 21, 2010

You're Awesome - Step 2

Good morning!!! My yesterday was uneventful...but only because I was SO TIRED. I had errands to run in the morning, went and met my parents and we drove down to my auntie's house and the second I got in the car I was asleep. Then groggy almost the whole time we were there, and back in the car and passed out AGAIN! We ended up going to bed shortly after 9pm, and I'm still tired this morning. Gotta get back into a routine this week - I was actually annoyed that I didn't get to run last night!!

Here is how I did yesterday:
Burned 2224 calories
Consumed 1259 calories
Deficit of 965 calories

You might think I did well but eating yesterday was tough for me. The morning was so hectic that I didn't get to eat breakfast or lunch, so my three meals were: snack table, dinner, dessert. Not good!! At least I stuck mostly to veggies and delicious cherries :)

I am ready to go back to telling you how awesome you are. Because every time I see an email pop up that one of you left a comment, or anytime I get to reading blogs, which due to my busy weekend I am way too behind on - you all make me really happy!!! And I sit here and see that every day I have a deficit, every day I am just doing well and it's unbelieveable. It's not like any other time I've tried to lose weight - I feel great, I feel happy, I've completely gotten out of the long lasting funk I was in earlier this year. And I totally give credit where credit is due - to the people who read this blog and are so sweet to me day after day!

Right now I am going to take a moment to appreciate that segue.....and we're back!

Giving Yourself Credit...
The reason I think people don't give themselves credit is because it is so hard for most people to make a list of things they are good at. You might feel like you're bragging and you want to be humble. But eventually, you start believing that you truly are nothing special until you come to the final conclusion that you're just ok...or worse! To me being humble is totally useless. That's not to say you should feel like other people are beneath you - but even if we put everyone on the same level, it should be higher than it is! Every person out there should not feel normal, they should feel awesome!

We had talked about before, realizing that the things you are good at outweigh the bad things people say but it's so important to realize that you're not JUST better than negative comments. Every day little things you do are awesome and you just write them off, "oh it's normal, everyone would do it." I guarantee you that's not true. There are people too lazy to teach their kids how to tie their shoes, there are people who are too spiteful to do someone a favor without expecting something in return - and there are people who are so bitter and angry that they can't even handle hearing someone be happy without trying to be mean and drag them down. We can talk later about not bragging or putting other people down when they are lazy, spiteful or any of those other things but for now, keep it positive and keep adding to a list. I would suggest writing it down so you can look at it in the future when you're feeling down on yourself. It's amazing the things that we are good at that we just brush off. It IS awesome that you cooked peas instead of eating pop tarts and it IS awesome that you hugged your pets goodbye - not normal, but really great.

There is another aspect to giving yourself credit, and that is giving yourself credit when you fail. If you're horrible at pool but you walk away from the table laughing and having had a good time, you need to give yourself credit for how great a person you are. If you're in a bad mood and just can't overcome your anger, give yourself credit for TRYING to see the bright side. It's so important that we don't view ourselves negatively all the time. We all have faults and I'm not even going to talk about that because we all give ourselves "credit" for those faults by constantly beating ourselves up for them. In fact, right now I want you to give yourself positive credit for acknowledging that you have faults. No more beating yourself up.

That's really important - it was a huge turning point for me when I realized I was so down on myself because I weighed twice as much as my husband. I didn't know how to deal with it, because I didn't want to care about my weight but that is a big difference staring at me in the face. But all I wanted to do about it was eat...and there I was at the same time taking care of him, cleaning and keeping our home, keeping things running and NOT giving myself credit. It's almost the same thing I was talking about Friday - what is more important, my weight or my making an entire other person happy?

I love to give myself credit for little things. Why would you not do that? It's like an active choice between thinking you're awesome and not thinking you're awesome!!!! Ok so I have another assignment for you today. Besides making the list, that is. Your assignment is to tell at least one person today why they you think they're great. On blogs, off blogs, Facebook and Twitter, real life, we come across so many people in our lives that make us happy and they ought to know it! And then, go back to your list and add to it that you were nice to that person :) I know it all seems silly but was everything I needed to pull myself from an extremely depressed, angry bitter and bitchy person, to someone who can't even comprehend why she let herself forget the amazing person she is, and sometimes I read other peoples' blogs and I just want them to be as happy as I am. NOT to say I don't have my bad days!! That would be a lie, but overall and almost every day I am a really, truly happy person.

I know I'm cheesy. I wish sometimes that I was a motivational speaker. I have so much enthusiasm and sometimes difficulty channeling it. But now on to my weigh in...

Last week's weight: 215.2 on my new scale
Current weight: 212.4!!

Mini goal weight: 150 (I don't think this will be my end goal weight...but it's so far away and I have no idea what I will look like, what my shape will be, so this is where I'm getting to before I turn around and make that final decision!)

Weekly goal: I've been FAILING at my weekly goals, I have been so busy with everything. I am going out to dinner probably tonight and tomorrow...having a small get together (it's more like a meet and greet?? lol) on Saturday and so my goal is to keep normal eating schedules and to calorie check AS I GO so that I am not flustered and eating pounds and pounds of cheese.

Oh my goodness 2.8 pounds?? Feels GREAT. I love it, I'll take it and be really happy with it. And I needed it too because last week I think I was down to 212 on the old scale, so it's good even with that jump up to see those numbers going down down down!! I don't know if I posted this before but my highest weight ever was 247...down to 216 in a year and if I keep going like this out of the 200s before I know it!!!!


spunkysuzi said...

That's an awesome loss! And your right we are so hard on ourselves sometimes.

Danielle G said...

Great job on the weight loss. Congrats Congrats!!! I am very proud. Yes, I know all about being hard on ourselves because I am right there. Cannot wait to see you out of the 200s almost there!!

Midori Mighty Warrior said...

Congratulations on the loss :) I'll be cheering you on as you get out of the 200's!

Mae Flowers said...

Way to go on the weight loss! You have a very positive outlook on life and that's a great thing! I am much larger than my hubby too, so I know how you feel. But we'll be smaller than them someday! :)

Jess @ THIR said...

You're totally chanelling craig harper today :D

Spaghetti Cat said...

Girl I love your blog! I am sharing your message of awesomeness off of blogger land. Its one of those things that we all need to be reminded of.. Giving each other kindness, and giving ourselves credit!
Congratulations on the loss, you ROCK !!
take care!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the weight loss! You'll soon be in onederland! I think you would be an awesome motivational speaker. You are an awesome motivational blogger! I'm so happy to have found your blog.

KyokoCake said...

Thank you all!!!! I am still really excited about my loss this week and hope I can keep it going strong with more exercise more eating well...just more!

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