Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Awesome Husbandcake

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!  I put on a skirt that has been too small for forever...and it is way too big!!  Of course I noticed as I was halfway out the door that it was like falling off but it just made me so happy.  That's two days in a row that I've noticed my clothes fitting really differently and it feels awesome.

Here is how I did yesterday:
Burned 2685 calories
Consumed 1628 calories
Deficit of 1057 calories

So yesterday Husbandcake packed snacks for me in the morning, which was so sweet, and included this little gem:

That just made my whole day!  How cute is that?  I know his handwriting is beyond horrific but he weighed out all of my veggies and raspberries by grams and put it in with my food.  It was just a really nice, really sweet thing to do.

Then I got home to an awesome surprise...Husbandcake FINALLY got his bike.  Now up until now I've barely been biking and staying close to the house because I really despise doing things alone.  But last night we set out with the intention of riding the 5 mile round trip to the grocery store.  We got as far as downtown Clayton (a little under a mile) when we realized something.  Neither of us have really gone biking in the past maybe 10-15 years.  Also we live on a mountain so getting back would be a little difficult.  So we decided we would just ride around the neighborhood instead of getting to the grocery store and being too tired to come home.

WHAT a workout!!!  Getting back up the hill to my house was pretty intense.  I discovered that I can barely bike uphill.  This whole biking to the store thing is going to take a bit of practice too - I never appreciated how much work it would be to bike in a not-flat area.  Husbandcake could not have been nicer or more patient when I struggled to get my bike and all my weight up, he just rode up the hills and stopped at the top waiting for me to get there.

I'm really happy that everything weight loss related ended up going really well yesterday.  In other aspects of my life it didn't go as nicely.  I am extremely lucky to have fabulous friends...some of them with strong personalities and while I like all of them, sometimes they don't all get along and it just kind of gets to me.  That coupled with me being very sensitive about truly silly things made for a very emotional day!!  I'm hoping today is a little easier overall :) and that it goes by very smoothly with my walk at lunch and everything later.  And I hope you guys have a fantastic day in EVERY aspect of your life!!


Jen Lindstrom said...

Wow! That is so sweet of Husdandcake! Isn't it a great feeling knowing that our spouses are supportive! I know I would struggle a lot if my hubby was not supportive of me and helped me in little ways!

That is awesome about your clothes! See even though you only lost .2 lbs it was worth it cause your clothes are falling off! You are probably building muscle and that could explain the smaller weight loss. I am proud of you and you accomplishments!

I understand riding a bike up hill! It is very difficult. Something I tried to do was make my up hill paths more at the beginning and down hills towards the end. I found my self with more energy at the Beginning of my ride and made those hills a little easier.

Keep up the awesome work!

Fat Girl vs. World said...

do you have a recipe? I need a husbandcake.

Jess @ THIR said...

Keep up with the biking. It'll get easier I promise!!!
I used to think the ride to work was going to make me die... used to take me over an hour to do 14km. Now it takes 35 minutes and I think it's a short ride.
Fantastic way to see things you're normally going too fast to see in the car too :D

karen said...

What a sweetie you've got!!!
I totally get the hill/bike woe. It's one of the things holding me back from getting a bike that doesn't live in the basement. There are WAY too many hills around me that are pretty unavoidable. Once John gets a bit older and more comfortable riding his maybe I'll break down ...

KyokoCake said...

@Jen - I so wish I could go downhill last but the only uphill from me is about 2 blocks before it's all mountain, no roads. And thank you :) I'm slowly easing away from only caring about the numbers on the scale.

@fat girl vs. world - I only have one trick for meeting guys...hang out in a park and hope they stop when they run through!! lol not the best tip but worked for me. And honestly I think you are a lot like a few of my good friends, you're so awesome that I don't even doubt someone as awesome as you will come along soon!!!

@jess - Definitely trying!! I totally wish I could ride my bike to work but I don't even want to think what a 40 minute drive would translate to :) but I just have to get my butt on the bike every day or every other day and keep trying!

@karen - It's a ton tougher than I thought, but now I feel like I've gone and said all this about biking I definitely have to keep at it!

Show Me Mama said...

I am your new follower. Come visit me when you can at http://showmemama.blogspot.com

Spaghetti Cat said...

havent had time to read all your entires due to travel but just want to cheer you on, you can do it regardless of pace and OMG how sweet is your husband! LOVE that you have that! We have some awesome hubbies :)

KyokoCake said...

@Show Me Mama - your site is so cute :) love the picture up at the top!

@Spaghetti Cat - we do right?? It defnitely helps me out :)

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