Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Other People

Yesterday was a GREAT START!!  I loved it - I didn't eat the healthiest food but I definitely paid a ton of attention to how much I ate, and went on a really awesome walk around my neighborhood, which is great for walking because it's really hilly.  It felt great to walk, and I'm a little sore this morning from not exercising for awhile, but mentally I feel really fantastic about it.

Here is how I did yesterday:
Burned 2546 calories
Consumed 1475 calories
Deficit of 1071 calories!!

From what I've read, having a deficit of 1000 calories a day will lead to losing 2 pounds a week so I think where I'm at was perfect!  It didn't even seem like a huge change, so I'm really happy to see that big of a deficit.

Today I am thinking about the people in our lives and how they affect our weight loss journey.  Other people (especially my husband, who for the record is thin and in good shape) have generally been my biggest hinderance when it comes to losing weight for this reason - I want to make them happy.  By myself I am always ok to make the salad, order the lower fat option or skip dessert.  But the second someone else expresses an interest in cupcakes, babyback ribs, all those things, my willpower is out the window.  Not only do I want them to have what they want, but I'd be kidding myself to say that I don't love those high fat foods and sugary desserts and they give me such a great excuse!

Keeping temptation away is a really tricky issue, and it's so hard to know when to give in (just a little!) to avoid a binge later and when to just say no!  I also don't like the idea that I'm giving anyone else power over my weight loss, because I want 100% of that responsibility on me.  In my mind I know I am the only one who got me to this weight, and nobody else should have to change their lives in order to get me to where I want to be.

Any and all suggestions are always welcome - if I'm thinking about this only on Day 2...I'm gonna need to overcome it quick!!


CJ said...

Welcome to blogieworld :) All the best with your journey! You seem to be doing great! Keep going strong :)

SlenderSwan2B said...

Haha That is sooo very funny! I was reading Lyn's blog with adopt a blogger and found your blog. I was feeling lazy and didn't leave a comment. Then I went back and saw that you started following me. Tee-hee I guess I cannot be lazy now. I SO very feel you! On the able to be good until someone suggest something yummy. My hubby is a runner and can eat whatever he wants. I cannot. LOL

Welcome to the bloggy world! If you look in my comments for my Karen stalker you will like her too! :)

SlenderSwan2B said...

Ehh I am gonna go whore you out :P

Marion said...

Welcome! Blogging has really helped me be accountable with my weight loss journey. It also gives me a place to brag about successes and complain about failures. I love love love cake too and there are days I miss it terribly but most days I am loving how I feel and dont mind passing on it. Good Job!

KyokoCake said...

Thanks for the awesome welcomes!! :)

My husband is a runner too - distance too, which makes me exhausted just to think about it! And I'll go check Karen out as well, thanks for the suggestion!

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