Tuesday, June 22, 2010

You're Awesome - Step 3

Yesterday was the kickoff to my office's Biggest Loser competition, which is really adorably being called the Biggest Winner!  I loved it, there were a few ladies from my department that went and I was shocked at how in depth this program is!!  To explain it as quickly as possible, there are three ways to win prizes - there is a weekly drawing and to gain entries you go to activities.  There's a daily lunchtime walk, certain classes at the local gym and some after work activities like volleyball or hikes.  The lunchtime walks I am all over that, but the others it's difficult because I work early hours and have to get home, and I just live so far away!  But that's ok, because the prizes I REALLY want to win are for the bi-weekly weigh ins and whoever has lost the highest % of weight.  That's how I'll know I'm doing well ;) and then at the end there is a grand prize, second and third place.  But that's not all they are doing!  They are also having seminars, teaching about healthy eating, exercising, all sorts of stuff, and I'm really excited about doing those too :) can't hurt to learn more right??!  I'd be lying though if I didn't say I love winning stuff and can't wait to see what the prizes are!!!!

Here is how I did yesterday:
Burned 2694 calories
Consumed 1128 calories
Deficit of 1566 calories

Ohhh I have something to say about my calorie consumption...I think I will leave it until the end though...

But for now I am excited to share with you the actual secret to my confidence.  It's so silly, so very silly you will probably laugh at me until you realize that I am serious and this is why I think I am so very very awesome!!

Setting Standards...

What IS the definition of awesome, or the definition of perfection? Is someone perfect when they are funny? When they work to make a difference in the world? When they lose 2 pounds a week? When they're rich and beautiful? It's all opinion. One person's perfect is another person's waste of time. So now is the time for you to decide what perfect is. Here's a hint - go back to that list from yesterday, and put all of those positive things about you on the list. Just like that, you're well on your way.

My definition of perfect is my life. I don't even want to go into too many details because I could go on and on all day but my list includes serious things (be married to someone you think is the best person alive - AND be constantly working on being the second best person so that you can truly deserve them), happy things (have at least four people you can honestly call your BEST friends, and have them all be extremely different people), silly things (have a plan in place for if you win the lottery and what you are going to splurge on first), and unique things (have a really really kick ass name like Kyoko). Some things are going to be common (be good at your job/career, have a sense of humor, etc) and some are going to only apply to you (have a fun shaped birth mark on your foot, have a collection of snail figurines). The point is, now is your chance to redefine perfect, and realize that you don't need anything impossible to get there. Now is the time to realize you don't HAVE to be inches taller to be happy and you don't NEED all the money in the world to be the most awesome person you know.

Of course, of course, of course you will still want to add in things that you don't have. And that's all right. In my definition of perfect, I am my best self. Which is attainable, and I'm already partway there. I am smart, mostly nice, and I should have added in there that I'm enthusiastic, which I think is a great quality! But when you add that in to your standards, please don't give it too much space. Don't rely on things you don't have yet for your self worth. Use them to raise your already high self worth. If 40% of what makes you perfect is losing that last 20 pounds - then every time you slip up and have some potato chips you are setting yourself up to be extremely disappointed in yourself and feel like a failure. Losing weight for me is far closer to 4%, and yeah I want to make my life 4% better!! But if I don't, if I have a day where I feel like eating a big plate of pasta, it's okay. I don't have to beat myself up for it - and I definitely don't, because the Panda Express I ended up eating last night was SO exactly what I needed!  And no cheating on that one either by saying 4% is weight loss, 4% is fitting into a size 2, 4% is looking good in a halter top, 4% is skinny legs!  Don't let those things have control - in fact why not just make 4% WEARING a halter top and knowing you look great now.

It's tempting here, but no matter what is on your list, don't impose it on other people. I know judging by your new standards you are currently the best person in the world (and doesn't it feel GREAT?!). However the trick to it is always realizing that everyone else should feel the same way. I have one friend in mind who, judging by my standards, completely fails at life. She is independent and ambitious, she is understated and simple, she hates ruffles and bows and most of all despises my sparkly sunglasses. Just a total failure by my standards. But....I mean come on. How can someone independent, self-sufficient, great at her career and totally all kick ass girl power be a failure?? She can't be! She just has her own standards. We acknowledge how different we are and how awesome that makes each of us. She will never completely understand why I feel more comfortable in dresses and I will never completely understand why she wants so badly to succeed at something that doesn't involve being a wife and mother. Just remember that if you take your friend who is different than you and help her realize that she might be 20% perfect by your standards but she's 96% perfect by her own standards, you get to add something else to your list of why you're so great.

All right now assignment today ;) but I hope you all really make a list.  I do just want everyone to be so happy with themselves, and I want other people to feel like I do because it's been such a great thing in my life :)

I am off to have a HEALTHY breakfast...not too low in calories, but not awful for me either.  I found this last night after looking through a bunch of calorie calculators and it's the lowest calorie amount I could find online that I should be eating.  For EXTREME fat loss at a moderately active level it is telling me I still need 1441 calories.  Now on a day without drinking I have a lot of trouble getting that high which is an odd problem considering how much I used to eat without thinking.  So I was wondering for those of you who track that kind of thing how do you keep up a healthy number of calories.  I eat when I'm hungry, stop when I'm not and I feel okay, great even.  But I do want to be healthy above all else and start a lifestyle I can keep forever, not just while I'm losing weight and I'm thinking to be healthy I actually need to be eating just a little more.  Any tips??


fatgirl_vs_world said...

First of all -- very awesome that your company is encouraging everyone to get healthy.

As for your calories -- sometime I cringe when people share how low their calorie intake is. I had a coworker try to convince me that 1000 calories is too much. **eyeroll**

Basically log your calories for a week, then take the average and work backwards. If you want to lose 1 lb/week, that's 3500 calories you either need to burn or subtract from your food, for 2 lb/week it's 7000. I highly recommend never going below 1400. That signals to your body that it won't be getting enough calories and so it starts storing them instead of burning them.

You have to prime the pump -- tell your body that it will get all the calories it needs, to just trust you, and that it's okay for your body to start burning the calories. I suggest starting high -- like 1800 calories (and burning 2300+) and then work your way back.

Keep on varying your spending and consumption of calories. I you get into too much of a routine, your metabolism will go on autopilot. You never want your metabolism to be lazy.

For most people that have low calorie counts it means a few things (1) they're not eating enough in general (2) they are skipping meals or (3) they're not getting enough high-quality protein and fats (as they are the most calorie-laden things you can eat). So examine how much protein and fat you're getting and what kinds. Avocado, almonds, chicken, fish, olive oil, yogurt. These should all be in your diet unless you're allergic.

Anonymous said...

Great post kyoko. Celebrating diversity is what makes us truly amazing. Best of luck with the work comp, I know you will absolutely smash it, whether you win or not.

With regards to calories, healthy fats which are essential for a healthy body will give you a great boost and definitely pump up the cals. Unsalted nuts, or a slice of bread with peanut butter, things like avocado, can really add some good fats without needing to eat too much

KyokoCake said...

@fatgirl_vs_world - okay first, your coworker is CRAZY...wow. I definitely for a second debated lying and making the number higher, I know that is awful but I thought, yesterday I didn't even eat healthy food and I still didn't make my mark. I loved your suggestions though and I'm going forward with everything on there (except almonds that is). And someone else told me today too to start thinking of my calorie count as a goal and not a limit, which mentally I am hoping works out right for me!!

@C. - I love how different everyone is, that's completely why I never get why people all seem to have very similar views of what perfect is! Now to go home and get to that peanut butter you were talking about!! I can't believe I went this long without even thinking of it ;)

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