Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New HEALTHY Recipe Tuesday!

I went on a great meandering walk yesterday with two of my awesomest friends.  It was really nice to get out there, have a good talk (ok when I wasn't all out of breath from walking up hills!) and I just love getting exercise out there with other people.  Also, I really love where I live.  It's so pretty!

Here is how I did yesterday:
Burned 2727 calories
Consumed 1480 calories
Deficit of 1247 calories

So yesterday's blog post is something I felt super strongly about, because I hate when people think my confidence is undeserved, that I should hide in a corner just because I'm fat.  I may be shy but when you get to know me I am...well I'm really pleased with myself!  But the comments on the post were so great, they put just a HUGE smile on my face all day - what an awesome feeling :) you guys are great, so thank you so much for reading and thank you for commenting!!

Today though I am thinking about dinner - I woke up thinking about dinner.  In a good way, I promise!  Long, long ago, when Husbandcake was Boyfriendcake and we lived out in San Francisco - we got bored with our food.  I found myself making the same few dishes week after week and never changing it up.  So we came up with an awesome idea - New Recipe Monday.  Every Monday a brand new recipe, something totally different.  And on lazy Mondays...well we still tried something, even if it was as simple as a new and different premade pasta sauce.  But like all awesome ideas (even my very favorite, which I will call "Give KyokoCake $100 Spending Money For Every Pound Lost") it just died out as time went on.

Well I'm planning on making those Monday walks a regular thing (whether or not my friends like it) so Mondays are out.  It wasn't a super long walk but I was exhausted yesterday, and definitely not up for cooking.  So I've decided that I am going to make it New Recipe Tuesday - with a twist!  I'm going to try new and only healthy recipes.  Every Tuesday, something different, something really good for me.

What should I do today?  I had this plan to make what sounds like delicious banana ice cream - but I was thinking that I am feeling really ambitious today and I want to make super healthy dinner beforehand.  Any ideas?  There are so many recipes out there I don't even know where to start, except that it's easy to cut a ton of them out because I don't eat spicy food, nor do I eat anything that has black pepper in it.  Other than that though, no clues!!

Last random subject change in that I'm really trying to reach my weekly goal and I want to ask anyone else out there - is it worth it to spend money on a good bike?  I don't think I would ever go on trail rides - so it would mostly be to go to the grocery store (2.5 miles each way) or maybe a little farther to run errands.  I do live in a hilly area, on a hill, and my options are:

This $170 bike from Target

 or this hybrid bike with more speeds that is closer to $300-400

I don't mind spending the money I am just wondering if anyone else thinks it's worth it?


Elizabeth said...

DON'T buy a cheapo bike from Target (or anywhere else where you can also buy underwear and toothpaste at same time). The materials suck, the bikes aren't fun to ride, and if something breaks you are screwed bc the parts aren't standard.

So sayeth the voice of experience.

Spend more, esp at a bike store where they will tune it for life for free.

Also, I have a commitment every other Monday from 4:30-6.

Elizabeth said...

Also, I have made the mentioned banana soft serve about 4 times in the last few weeks, including for breakfast yesterday morning, which ending my disgust with the food processor.

It works better if you use more than 1 banana, but maybe not a full two. I just toss them (frozen) into the FP, turn it on, and then come back in a two minutes, and then done. Water isn't necessary for me. I usually add about half a scoop of Vega, which is this super nutrient dense product. I guess it is supposed to maybe be a shake or smoothie mix.

I guess I could have endorsed this in real life, but whenever you mention fro-yo, all I can thing about it is how they don't have taro fro-yo at Yougurtland right now. Jerks!

Amy Jo said...

You can find some great older, high quality bikes at pawn shops!!

Yes, I love carnation instant breakfast! I can't buy the premixed ones, though. They have that "fake" taste. I bring a gallon of milk to work and a bulk container of the powder, and I keep the milk in the fridge. In the morning, I just mix it in with a spoon and voila! I piece of fruit with it, and I'm good :)

I have to say that the first time I came to your blog I thought "I wish I could pull of a dress like she does!". So don't you even worry about it. :)

KyokoCake said...

1. We should just make it every Monday and Wednesday as long as at least 2 of us can go...lol not today though because I'm not free either but it would be a good rotation and hopefully most of the time all 3 of us!

2. That's lame about Yogurtland, especially as I like taro and I like pretty colors!

3. Does Vega have a taste to it?

KyokoCake said...

@Amy Jo - Awesome...I will definitely try it and thanks for the heads up about the pre mixed ones too!

You're so sweet :) I used to think I couldn't pull off dresses at all but now I find that I am always the happiest with how I look when I'm wearing them!

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